An Erotic Evening at the Black Sheep Gallery

Blaqk Rabbit Art
Erotic Exhibit at Black Sheep Gallery
Erotic Exhibit at Black Sheep Gallery

When it comes to matters of the flesh, society prefers to turn a blind eye. Even in this century, it’s remarkable how people can become uncomfortable with a conversation that addresses what pleases our bodies. Have you ever paused and asked yourself, “What arouses me and gives me pleasure? From what do I derive physical satisfaction?”

The Black Sheep Gallery in Burbank, California, begs these questions and more with its current exhibition, “Erotic.” The new art installation fittingly debuted Valentine’s Day weekend and the provocative event invited all in attendance to explore the depths of dark desire.

Greeting guests were two scantily clad damsels occupying separate corners at the entrance of the gallery. They were surrounded by inanimate wild creatures, skeletal remains and morsels of sweets. Each also had a sign that read, “Tip for a trick,” and the girls teased with their gazes for patrons to abide.

I was curious, so I placed the required payment in one of the jars. The model I tipped peeked inside her knickers and pulled something out. She then came to me, presenting a heart-shaped lollipop. The treats one can hide in her undergarments!

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On display were pieces submitted by several artists that included paintings, photography and mixed media. Each creation imaginatively presented different perspectives on sex, lust and fetishism. Some exposed naked figures in wanton positions, while others showcased tempting vixens.

“Lust” and “Incubus” by Brandon Noriesta featured sex-crazed demons captured in vibrant pops of color. A notable series by Bunny Raunch exposed half-human, half animal subjects committing bestial, carnal deeds.

A photographer by the name of Blaqk Rabbit did a collection of stunning images of a woman performing various fetish acts, from bondage to gagging, in a sacrilegious setting. Making these photos all the more alluring were the hot pink and black colored themes and frames.

Artwork by Blaqk Rabbit
Artwork by Blaqk Rabbit

To ensure people could partake in some naughty play themselves, a mini boudoir was set up draped in devilish décor. All sorts of taboo paraphernalia were laid out across the bed, including furry handcuffs, whips, rope and The Holy Bible. It made for quite an amusing photoshoot.

Photo Op
Photo op for the “Erotic” exhibit

The evening also included live entertainment performed by Marissa Lynn who introduced her audience to sploshing. Not familiar with the term? Sploshing is a type of fetish, also known as Wet and Messy Fetishism (WAM), whereby participants find sexual arousal in the smearing of substances, mainly food items, on the body.

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On a table one could find whipped cream, condiments, chocolate syrup, and honey. A kiddie pool was placed for the artist to stand in since it was expected she’d be drenched by the end. Onlookers were encouraged to take whatever goods were on the table and lather, rub, or smack them onto lady Lynn’s body. Some were hesitant, but a few adventurous souls gladly partook of the sploshing. She was drizzled with liquid, showered with sprinkles and dressed in jelly.

Sploshing performed by Marissa Lynn
Sploshing performed by Marissa Lynn

To top off the racy action, it also happened to be the birthday of the gallery’s director of events, Zachariah. A cake was brought out for him and after singing “Happy Birthday,” the decadent dessert was taken to Marissa who did a playful number with it before smashing it under her bottom. She put on such a fun show and I’m happy my first experience with sploshing was watching her spirited demonstration!

“Erotic” will be on display for the next few weeks, so pay the gallery a visit to see the artwork in person. Pieces are also available for purchase.

The Black Sheep Gallery hosts events monthly, so check out the official website and follow the gallery on Instagram to keep up to date on the latest happenings.

*Top featured image contains artwork by Blaqk Rabbit.

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