About Me


Greetings to all out there! I go by Jennifer, Jenny, Jenn and Vamp Guinevere (but that last one only in my head). I love to read and write, and secretly hope that I was Charlotte Brontë in a past life. I’m a vampire enthusiast who has Transylvania on the travel bucket list. I received a B.A. in English and Music with an emphasis in voice (although my soprano vocal cords are most likely out of tune by now), and my M.A. in English. I’m a Libra and proud Latina with Mexican roots. I love the odd and macabre and am goth at heart.

With so many varied interests and passions, I want to capture the full spectrum here. I cover events, people, places and topics that are darkly inclined, under the radar and unorthodox. If you are intrigued by the dark, morbid, forbidden and bizarre, then join me on my adventures as I explore the city I call home, Los Angeles, and beyond and share my interesting finds.

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