Welcome to the Lair of Leafar Seyer

"The Pain Isn't Over" art exhibit by Leafar Seyer of Prayers
“The Pain Isn’t Over” art exhibit by Leafar Seyer of Prayers

Images of Aleister Crowley, Baphomet, serpents, a skull-faced Virgin Mary, inverted crosses and the number 666 fill the gallery space at These Days in Los Angeles. This is the realm created by Leafar Seyer for his debut solo art exhibition “The Pain Isn’t Over.” The artist is one half of the duo Prayers — self-described cholo goth musicians who formed the electronic rock group back in 2013.

I skipped mass (wink, wink) and explored the exhibit on a Sunday. It seemed almost forbidden yet enticing to gaze at occult symbols amid religious imagery. Here, conflicting concepts are united – the profane and sacred; the primal and neoteric; the mortal and immortal. These oppositions parallel the way Leafar Seyer has brought together the cholo and goth subcultures, two scenes that formerly many supposed could not cross paths.

Original artworks by Leafar Seyer
Original artworks by Leafar Seyer

Catholicism and Mexican culture are weaved together through images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin of Guadalupe, saints and Spanish-labeled candles. And just as Prayers members Seyer and Dave Parley have inserted photos of themselves into the art, visitors can become part of the exhibit by kneeling at the altar of Baphomet or snapping selfies by any of the pieces.

In addition to the altar, the trio of limbless mannequins was a favorite of mine. Every piece is fascinating though and it is worthwhile to take in each one because of the ornate detail that has gone into them. The exhibit is bold, daring and challenges the norm. The artwork is in your face and unapologetic. Seyer entices visitors into a darkly seductive underworld revealing his demons and saving graces. Therein lies the allure of it all.

Figures such as Christ and Crowley that are present in the collection have attained immortality through their supernatural works. In this way, Leafar Seyer has positioned himself among them through his art.

“The Pain Isn’t Over” exhibit runs through April 8, 2018 and exclusive collectables will be available at the gallery shop. Find more details at the official website of These Days.

Visit the Prayers website for the latest news on the duo’s music and more.


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