Celebrating World Dracula Day With Dacre Stoker

Dacre Stoker (Photo credit: Greg Lepra)
Photo credit: Greg Lepra

Every year on May 26th, a marvelous vampiric event occurs annually: World Dracula Day. The occasion marks the date Bram Stoker’s notorious gothic novel, Dracula, was published in 1897. I thought, what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a chat with Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew, Dacre Stoker!

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The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans World Tour

Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet
Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet

Horror, filth and glamour. That is the unholy decree of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula enterprise, which is currently taking the world by storm with the Titans tour. For those who aren’t aware, The Boulet Brothers are drag queens of darkness Dracmorda and Swanthula. The pair launched the hit competition TV series The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula in 2016 and four seasons later, it’s fiercer than ever. They even created a spinoff titled Titans, which debuted in 2022, and have hit the road putting on amazing performances with the competitors from this series. I attended the Los Angeles show and am so excited to tell you about it!

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The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth Book Review

John Robb (Photo credit: John Middleham)

“Nothing exists independently; goth was a kind of fever. It just seemed to seep in on a tide of black lace and black leather.”

Nina Antonia quoted in The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth

Various books have been written attempting to unravel the mystery of the goth subculture and trace its roots. A new text has recently been added to the canon, The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth by John Robb who’s the frontman of the post-punk band The Membranes and head of the online media publication Louder Than War. His behemoth of a book takes a deep plunge into the musical origins of goth, and it’s quite an adventure.

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Inside the Haunted Encounters Tour Aboard the Queen Mary

Vamp Jenn aboard the Queen Mary
Vamp Jenn aboard the Queen Mary

When the world practically shut down in 2020, so did the Queen Mary. The historic liner was already in need of major repairs, and even when establishments began to open their doors for business, her royal highness remained closed. I’ve kept a close eye on updates regarding the vessel, and it’s undergone not only significant renovations and maintenance but also a change in management, putting complete control back in the hands of the city of Long Beach, CA.

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Absinthe Vows: ‘Sunlight Stabs’ Album Review & Interview

Absinthe Vows
Absinthe Vows

Hailing from Columbus, OH, Absinthe Vows is a band blending gothic rock, post punk and darkwave with hints of alternative rock. The variety of genres their music possesses makes it interesting and entertaining to take in. They released their second album, Sunlight Stabs, earlier this year, and I’m reviewing it, as well as interviewing the group about their music.

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Vamp Jenn’s Crypts: Welcome to Spooky Little Halloween’s Home

Photo credit: Spooky Little Halloween

Do you want to know where you can go to celebrate Halloween year-round? To Spooky Little Halloween’s abode, of course! Well, unless you’re an invited guest, you may have to hold off on visiting her residence in person, but I’ve done the next best thing by featuring her on this edition of Vamp Jenn’s Crypts! Get ready for an inside peek at this haunted apartment located inside a century-old building in Houston.

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Vamp Jenn’s Crypts: Welcome to Vamp Manor

Photo credit: Lady Vamp Manor
Photo credit: Lady Vamp Manor

On this edition of Vamp Jenn’s Crypts, we’ll be visiting Vamp Manor based in Townsville, a city in Queensland, Australia. It’s the place Lady Vamp and The Wolf call home, as well as the namesake of their brand. The power couple, Kyra and Richard, established their online shop out of their love for handcrafting dark decor. The pieces they sell are custom made and exquisitely detailed, inspired by the macabre and occult. Since they are so gifted at creating their own ornamentations and have an eye for style, it comes as no surprise that their residence is magnificently furnished.

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H.R. Giger Tribute Art Exhibit + Joe Vaux’s “Escape Pod”

"H.R. Giger" The Tourist X Peter Lorre
“H.R. Giger” The Tourist X Peter Lorre

Copro Gallery in Santa Monica has unveiled its latest exhibitions: “Brain Salad Surgery,” a H.R. Giger tribute group art exhibit, and Joe Vaux’s solo show, “Escape Pod.” I attended opening night, and it was incredible to see so many stunning pieces in person.

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Welcome to Vamp Jenn’s Crypts

Welcome to Vamp Jenn's Crypt
Welcome to Vamp Jenn’s Crypt

I’m introducing an all-new blog series titled Vamp Jenn’s Crypts! I’m so excited to finally launch this project. I came up with the idea more than two years ago while watching an episode of Architectural Digest featuring burlesque star Dita Von Teese. It got my wheels turning about how awesome it would be to see inside the homes of individuals who are darkly inclined. It also brought to mind the early 2000s show MTV Cribs, which, if anyone recalls, took viewers inside the dwellings of celebrities.

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Dita Von Teese Presents Glamonatrix

Vamp Jenn attending Glamonatrix
Vamp Jenn attending Glamonatrix

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese kicked off her Glamonatrix tour on New Year’s Eve 2022 in Los Angeles, ushering in 2023 in style. After two months of touring across the U.S. and parts of Canada, she concluded the run toward the end of February at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, CA. I witnessed the finale in all of its glory, and it was magnificent.

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