Imbibe in Vintage Pin-Ups & Fine Wine at Sort This Out Cellars

Sort This Out Cellars
Wine Tasting Bar
Wine tasting at Sort This Out Cellars

I love good wine, old Hollywood glamour and pin-up girls, so when I discovered there was a wine tasting room in Solvang, California, that combined all three, I was thrilled! Sort This Out Cellars was established in 2007 by Michael and Gary Cobb to offer a unique experience from mainstream wineries, in terms of both wines and ambience. They wanted to channel a time “when men had character, and women had curves.” Here’s an inside look at this colorful spot.

My husband and I first visited Sort This Out Cellars back in early 2018. We came across it while walking the streets of Solvang. Part of what makes it stand out is its location in a city heavily influenced by early Danish settlers. While most buildings maintain a Danish style, Sort This Out exudes a vintage, 1950s atmosphere. We returned to the wine tasting room for a second time this year and I made sure to take plenty of photos.

When you walk in, there is a stage with a sizable cardboard cutout of Bettie Page, the queen of pin-up and fetish models. Bettie is also the face of Sort This Out and the business owns the exclusive rights to use her image on its packaging and products. You can’t get official Bettie Page wine anywhere else, except here. (On a side note, the brand also did a collaboration with horror hostess with the mostest Cassandra Peterson a few years ago, releasing a limited edition of Elvira wines. Sadly, these are no longer in production.)

On Friday and Saturday nights, live bands perform, entertaining visitors while they sip on drinks. Walls and wine bottles are decorated with images of vintage and modern-day pin-up girls. The bottles are definitely a collector’s item. They’re too pretty to be tossed out! Even the shopping bags are graced with an image of Bettie Page.

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Within the boutique winery is the High Roller Tiki Lounge, which I absolutely loved as soon as I stepped in. As the name implies, this space is tiki-inspired. There’s a bar with a TV, plus additional seating, and tropical décor abounds. It’s perfect for imbibing in cocktails and socializing. I was also informed that the lounge can be rented out for special occasions.

During this visit, my husband and I did a wine tasting that included six types, both red and white. It was hard to choose a favorite, but we did leave with a bottle of the 2016 Zin City Zinfandel. I also must mention that although I’m not a fan of sweet alcoholic drinks, the mulled wine was delicious. It was hot as well, which made it the perfect beverage to have since the weather was cold and rainy.

In addition to vino, the menu also features wine-based cocktails, such as Blonde Bombshell (a mixture of white wine, and pineapple and cranberry juice) and the Bloody Viking (a blend of white wine and bloody Mary mix).

This is a joint you must visit if you’re traveling to Solvang, California. Whether you’re a wino or pin-up doll admirer, Sort This Out Cellars offers a delightful experience that will transport you to a time that embodied classic Hollywood fun. Find out more information, including how to become a club member and to purchase wine, at the official website.

5 thoughts on “Imbibe in Vintage Pin-Ups & Fine Wine at Sort This Out Cellars

  1. Very much enjoyed the cut-outs and photos of Bettie Page (of whom I’m a big fan) .

    I also enjoyed the photos of the High Roller Tiki Lounge.

    There used to be a restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada when I was a kid called the Tiki Tiki.

    The pics remind me of the way it looked.

    They also had live Polynesian dancers doing dances every weekend night.

    Do they do the same there?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such creativity, centering so many “disparate” themes on a common love of good wine. It must be cool knowing there’s enough appreciation out there to give the Cellars broad range to express its eclectic tastes.

    Pictures of the tiki lounge stir my own memories of a local place named, “Chin’s Tiki-Outi.” The concept intrigued my twelve-year-old mind, though by the time I was old enough to investigate on my own, the place had closed. What was it like? Perhaps your report provides some clues!

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    1. I haven’t been to many tiki bars myself, so discovering this one was a treat. Maybe you can find a tiki-inspired lounge near you to visit! I feel that it’s a theme that many businesses are trying to revive. Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. The cool thing (at least to a 12-year-old) about Chin’s is that it had a 10-foot carved “tiki god” beside the front door. Where is it now? Maybe it’ll show up at The Oddities Flea Market someday! If so, take pics, OK?


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