FIRA’s “Endless Night” Music Video Releasing on Halloween at the Virtual Endless Night Vampire Ball

FIRA Subdued Cover Art (Photo credit: Anabel DFlux)
Vocalist Hannah Fira and guitarist Michael “Vette” Rodd (Photo credit: FIRA)
Vocalist Hannah Fira and guitarist Michael “Vette” Rodd (Photo credit: Anabel DFlux)

Dance metal band FIRA will be lighting up this Halloween season with a new music video for the single “Endless Night.” It was filmed during their performance at the Los Angeles Endless Night Vampire Ball back in February where they opened for the rock band Orgy. Last fall, I had the opportunity to check out the group’s energy-fueled show at goth club Bar Sinister in Hollywood, California. Nearly a year later, the duo, consisting of vocalist Hannah Fira and guitarist Michael “Vette” Rodd, is also preparing to drop their first studio album titled From Vegas With Blood.

Making the debut of the “Endless Night” music video all the more exciting is that it will premiere during the first Endless Night Virtual Vampire Ball broadcasting from the House of Blues New Orleans on All Hallows’ Eve. The event, which was founded and is hosted by Master Fangsmith Father Sebastiaan, is a dazzling soiree uniting fanged creatures of the night. Due to current restrictions on social gatherings, the gala will take place online and will feature a variety of entertainment, from live DJs to burlesque performances and other enchanting amusements.

Photo credit: Anabel DFlux

Hannah holds a special place in her heart for Endless Night and FIRA embraces a vampiric aesthetic. If you’ve ever witnessed the singer on stage, you’d see she performs with fangs in. Both the frontwoman and Father Sebastiaan have developed a partnership over the years that has allowed them to foster and promote each other’s creative endeavors.

I had the chance to ask vocalist Hannah a few questions about the highly anticipated music video premiere, future projects and more.

Photo credit: FIRA
Photo credit: Anabel DFlux

Q: Hannah, it’s been almost a year since FIRA’s performance at goth club Bar Sinister! At the time, your album From Vegas With Blood was in production. What has the experience been like over these past months working on it?

A: It certainly has felt like a tremendous labor of love! We have faced many obstacles with the pandemic that have made it a difficult process. That being said, I am extremely proud of the way we have been able to creatively overcome challenges and see the album through to completion. We feel such a sense of accomplishment now that it is in its final stages of completion and we can’t wait for everyone to hear our music that we have been working so hard on.

Q: From what I understand, From Vegas With Blood tells a story with the songs collectively unraveling a plot that follows characters Fira and Vette. What’s the inspiration behind the narrative?

A: Yes, that’s correct. The whole story within the album is inspired by our real lives. I took inspiration from events that happened over many years and turned them into metaphors and spun them into a fantasy story. From Vegas With Blood is the first chapter of the story which will be continued in subsequent albums. I did a lot of research into story archetypes and mythologies. Diving deeper into those areas ultimately played a major role in helping me to write the narrative. The story thus far is based around the Beauty and the Beast story archetype. 

Q: I had the fortune of first seeing you perform the single “Endless Night” last year at Bar Sinister. You had the crowd dancing and swaying! FIRA also has a strong penchant for the vampiric. How did you come up with the idea for the song and has the atmosphere of the Endless Night Vampire Ball events impacted you creatively in any way?

A: The lyrics of “Endless Night” were inspired by encounters I had with incredible people connected to the Endless Night community. We wrote the music with those events in mind because we wanted to focus on creating songs that would be appropriate to play in that type of environment. 

Q: In addition to the premiere of your music video for “Endless Night,” what else are you looking forward to?

A: I feel extremely excited to release the album at the end of November! We are also currently shooting a video for the first song on From Vegas With Blood entitled “Subdued.” In this part of the story I will be fighting a traitor who has infiltrated my ship and murdered my crew. We will be working with renowned shibari artist Argent Lloyd (@pirategentleman) who will be playing the role of the traitor and featuring some of his incredible rope suspension work in the video as he hangs my crew of pirate ladies from the rigging of the ship. It’s going to be pretty epic! 

Q: Any final words you’d like to leave readers with regarding the upcoming releases of your “Endless Night” music video and album From Vegas With Blood? And any teasers about what FIRA will be doing next?

A: I hope all of our fans are ready for a vampirate adventure because that is what is coming! I can’t give away too much yet, but I will say that the “Subdued” video is a pilot for the rest of the video series that tells the story in From Vegas With Blood and beyond…so stay tuned! 

The “Endless Night” music video is set to debut during the Endless Night Virtual Vampire Ball on October 31st at 11 p.m. CST. Attendees will also be able to pre-order FIRA’s album From Vegas With Blood on this night. Learn more about the band by visiting the official website.

Tickets for the Endless Night Virtual Vampire Ball start at $20. Visit the official website for more information.

And, learn more about the event’s founder Father Sebastiaan at his official website.

6 thoughts on “FIRA’s “Endless Night” Music Video Releasing on Halloween at the Virtual Endless Night Vampire Ball

  1. Well Jenn, great interview, as they all have been so far. Specifically, it really showcases FIRA’s (and Fira’s) creativity, that they (she) still can assemble an album and put out a video under present circumstances. Something that is a profoundly collaborative effort, the arts, triumphing still, despite enforced isolation.

    That FIRA based its stories on real-life events gives the tales an evocation. Indeed, reality inspires the most gripping fantasy, doesn’t it?

    Perfect entry, Jenn, just in time for Halloween!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, and I do agree that reality can be such an inspiration creatively, although some people may not see it. This band does a great job weaving fantasy narratives into their music. Makes it all the more enjoyable!


  2. A very inspiring video, album and artists by the sounds of it.

    I was interested to hear Hannah Fira say she does a lot of research into story archetypes and mythologies before writing her work.

    I’ve always been interested in story archetypes and mythologies ever since I wrote a paper on Carl Jung and His Theory of the Collective Unconscious in my 1st year University Philosophy class.

    I think archetypes and myths have always been in the background of my own writing.

    Great interview and I really enjoyed the photos you used in this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with your comment on Hannah’s research for her music. It adds richness to her lyrics knowing she’s creating more than just a song.
      Your paper on Carl Jung sounds fascinating! His studies are so thought-provoking when you think of the light he shed on our shadow selves and introversion/extroversion.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, although I can’t take credit for the photos. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!


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