Spotlight On Content Creator Miss Magic Girl

Photo credit: Magic Frigren
Photo credit: Magic Frigren

Welcome to the enchanting universe of Magic Frigren! Get ready because you’re about to step into a world filled with mystical beings and imaginative inventions. The content creator, who hails from Sweden, developed her YouTube channel Miss Magic Girl TV several years ago and covers a menagerie of fascinating topics, including esotericism, literature, horror, crafting and more. She’s also quite gifted artistically and writes poetry, has published books, has a comic series, makes dolls and mixed media art, and is into filmmaking and stop motion animation.

And yes, her name really is Magic! She legally changed it when she was 18 and has gone by the moniker ever since. It suits her well considering that all she creates is truly spellbinding. Watching her videos, her calm and inviting demeanor, plus enthusiasm for the subjects she discusses are apparent. She has recorded tours of her oddities and bizarre finds, shares details about her spiritual journey and creates mesmerizing films with her dolls and art. She’s built a realm that’s appealing to people of all ages with eclectic interests.

I had the opportunity to interview Miss Magic to get more insight into the woman behind the camera and her creative pursuits.

Q: You are such a creative person and have delved into many artistic endeavors through your projects. Of all the arts forms you’ve experimented with, from writing to dollmaking, do you have a favorite and why?

A: Everything I do is about telling stories in one way or another. Fiction writing is my favorite. Words are such magical building blocks. But stop motion animation is a big love for me as well and that kind of goes hand in hand with dollmaking and illustration. I focus a lot on short films currently. Film is such an interesting medium since it can include so many other art forms: visual art, music, poetry. With filmmaking the possibilities are really endless, which also makes the medium very complex. There are so many different aspects to take into consideration. That makes me feel like I don´t have full control over how the vision in my head translates into the film medium. Maybe there is a special effect that I can’t make perfectly and so on. Of course I am creating films with very limited resources. Doing everything myself without any fancy equipment. No budget film making! But that fact is also what inspires me. I love how I have to be creative and sometimes go into an unexpected direction to film a certain scene. It´s all part of the process and I love that as well. With writing fiction I feel I can have full control and get the story that is living inside my head out on paper exactly the way I envisioned it. So that is why writing is my favorite. But different stories call for different storytelling mediums and I want to explore them all! 

Q: The occult and other esoteric topics are featured in your content. What first drew you to have such a wide-ranging interest in spirituality and how has it helped you?

A: I have always been very spiritual. Looking back to my childhood, I realize that I did a lot of things that nowadays I would call spells. But it was not until I was about 15 that I really started to explore witchcraft and the occult. I started a Swedish blog about the supernatural and mystical around that time, so I was doing research constantly. That was also when I got into the mystical philosophy of alchemy which many years later resulted in my first novel. I have always had a strong feeling of being separate from my body. That my soul is its own entity. I am very interested in religion, philosophy and different kinds of spirituality in general. I don´t believe there is only one truth. The multiverse is way too complicated for that. I think everyone has their own personal spiritual path and as long as it feels right for them (and hurts no one) it is right. I practice witchcraft and for me it is a way to take control of my own life and explore my connection to other spiritual planes and the universe. It gives me inspiration, purpose and strength. I have a great thirst for knowledge and I always have some new subject that I am obsessed with researching. A big sorrow for me is that I will never learn EVERYTHING there is to learn in this lifetime, ha-ha. On my personal YouTube channel missmagicgirltv, I share a lot about my spiritual thoughts and also other interests. 

Q: I was not familiar with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) until recently. Your other YouTube channel, The Secret Doll Society, is dedicated to ASMR and experimental filmmaking. Why did you decide to create these videos centered on this topic?

A: I discovered ASMR a few years ago and it was such a life changing thing for me. ASMR videos are in short focused on relaxing sounds such as whispering, paper crinkling, crackling fire, etc. I used to have major problems falling asleep because of anxiety at night. But then I started to fall asleep to ASMR and it made going to sleep a nice thing and not something I dreaded. Now I listen to ASMR almost every night. I also discovered the world of ASMR role-plays, and it made me really interested in the storytelling possibilities of ASMR. 

The first ASMRtist I ever got really into was ESC Reality. She had a lot of videos with a very mystical aesthetic and apart from the sounds, I loved how every video was an artistic and atmospheric experience. Her aesthetic and channel are very different to mine but the creativity she puts into her videos really inspired me and made the wheels in my own head start to turn. I really loved how much artistic potential there was in ASMR. I wanted to create ASMR myself and use it as a way to tell this story that had been floating around my head for a while… a story about my dolls.

Ever since I started collecting creepy vintage dolls, I have been calling my collection The Secret Doll Society. It became kind of an inside joke on the missmagicgirltv YouTube channel. When I got into doll making my imagination started to run wild with the whole concept of all my dolls being alive and having their own secret life. So I decided to create my alternative fictional universe and tell the dolls stories using ASMR. 

The Secret Doll Society channel is about my alter ego that is called Magick with a k. In the story, I live with the dolls and together we start an ASMR channel. But there are sinister things going on around us. I receive a strange VHS tape in the mail that hints that there may be a lot of things in my life that I have forgotten about. So it´s pretty much about me and the dolls trying to solve the mystery of my past. Big themes in the current storyline are memory and identity. In the videos we will also learn more and more about the dolls’ society and their secrets as well. All the doll characters have their own personalities and backstories that will be revealed more and more in the coming videos. I try to make every video work on a stand-alone basis but there is a red thread of mystery and clues for those paying close attention. 

Q: It seems that you find a lot of happiness in your art and I believe art has healing powers. What advice would you give to people who are experiencing a creative block?

A: Art is definitely healing. If I were not allowed to create, I would not be able to go on. I think the medicine against creative blocks is to try and find that kind of joy that would inspire you to play as a kid. Find your way back to that mindset of creating your own fantasy worlds just for fun. Even if you are writing and have a deadline, you should try to forget about it just for a moment and find the joy. Or to start painting or sewing or make a sculpture without putting any pressure on yourself. When you focus on the joy of the journey more than the end result, you will light that creative flame. 

Q: What are your future plans for Miss Magic Girl TV and all of your other artistic projects?

A: So for my personal channel MissMagicGirlTV, I will pretty much continue as usual. On that channel, I share my thoughts on spirituality and witchcraft, make oddities hauls and talk about my creative projects and other interests. Sometimes I make short stop motion documentaries about the supernatural and weird. It’s quite a mix of things but I try to keep an even balance between the different subjects. So I will keep on with that as well as the ASMR doll channel. I look forward to expanding the universe of the dolls.

I am also bringing back my webcomic that has been on the back burner for a while. It’s a lesbian fantasy comedy about two ladies who are very different and very bad at sorting out their feelings for each other. One is a bookish investigator of the supernatural and the other is a wannabe supervillain who loves stealing occult objects with the help of her army of raccoons. I miss those characters a lot and I want to continue their story this year. 

The big thing though is that my novel (that in Swedish is called “Transformationen”) will be published in English later this year. I am both really excited and nervous. That book is like a piece of my soul. It’s a mystery/relationship focused book on mysticism and inner journeys. I will of course be posting lots of updates about that on my Instagram, @missmagicgirl, and on my YouTube channels. 

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Below, you’ll find links to where you can continue to follow Magic Frigren and her work.

YouTube: missmagicgirltv and The Secret Doll Society

Instagram: @missmagicgirl

Magic Advisor Webcomic

5 thoughts on “Spotlight On Content Creator Miss Magic Girl

  1. Fascinating, Jenn. Of course, with a view to efficiency, why don’t just detail the things Magic doesn’t do well? That list would be pretty short, it seems.

    The dolls and the ASMR videos intrigue, even if the photos are more than a little creepy. That’s kind of the idea, isn’t it? Creeped out, yes, but in a deliciously inviting way. Definitely not discouraged nearly enough to prevent an investigation of Magic’s YouTube channels. Encouraged, more like.

    The “tours of her oddities and bizarre finds” is a must-see, for sure. Count me in!

    Speaking of which, you also have a knack for bringing us your own “oddities and bizarre finds,” Jenn. That takes a sensitivity borne of a deep appreciation for the subject. Lucky us, and I thank you for the (ongoing) tour.

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    1. Very happy to hear you enjoyed this introduction to Miss Magic! She’s such a creative individual. I plan to explore more of her YouTube videos as well. She shares lots of interesting knowledge.

      I love finding people in different parts of the globe embracing the strange and unusual in daily life. It brings me joy and I’m elated that you find the fascination in it too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely, Jenn. I may stroll optimism’s wide, sunny boulevard, but that doesn’t prevent the occasional glance (Nervous? Fascinated? Yes!) at what shifts beyond the shadow/s edge.

        That’s why I keep coming back here – you share an appreciation for Twilight, the place where Light becomes Dark.

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