My Vampire Transformation: Getting Custom Fangs by Father Sebastiaan

Vamp Jenn donning fangs by Father Sebastiaan (© Vamp Jenn's Corner and Jennifer Vasquez)
Photo credit: Pandora

My love for vampires has been rooted in me since adolescence. The history, mythology, literature, culture and lifestyle surrounding these nocturnal creatures have long held my fascination. I’ll admit that as a teen, after reading Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, I hoped that there was a vampire lurking in the darkness, keeping watch over me and waiting for the opportune moment to turn me. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but I recently experienced a transformation of sorts that has strengthened my connection to the vampire realm—I grew a pair of fangs. No, not literally. I had the opportunity to do a virtual consultation to get custom fangs made by master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan. Read on to find out about my experience.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Father Sebastiaan would set up shop and take in-person appointments in cities across the globe, such as Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, Paris and several others. For the safety of his clients, he is now offering “telefanging” meetings, which he conducts virtually. During these sessions, he walks the individual through the process of making their teeth molds. But before I get into the procedure, let me share a few details about the master fangsmith.

The Man Behind the Fangs

Master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan (Photo credit: Chad Michael Ward)

Father Sebastiaan has been creating fangs for a quarter of a century. He began in the early 1990s and, interestingly, his mom was his first client; it’s a bit reminiscent of when Lestat of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles turned his mother into a vampire. Soon after, he developed his fangsmithing business, formerly known as Sabretooth Custom Fangs, now called Eternal Fangs. He specializes in crafting professional grade, custom fangs, but the experience goes beyond simply getting a pair of sharp teeth made. To Father Sebastiaan, it’s an art form and a transformative practice.

Dedicated to promoting the vampire lifestyle, Father Sebastiaan treats each encounter with a client as a special ritual and views it as a significant rite of passage into the vampire culture. Over the years, he’s witnessed countless people’s strong reactions to seeing themselves with their fangs on for the first time. There’s a powerful energy that goes into making each pair and so the grand reveal is treated as a ceremony welcoming the newcomer to this nocturnal path.  

The Transformation

Those who get fangs made by Father Sebastiaan go through the Rites of Transformation and can become part of the Sabretooth Clan, a group he formed in 1995 for his community of fang patrons. There are four principles, the founder says, that these fangs symbolize.

  • The first is primal instincts—one feels a deeper connection to animalistic impulses and heightened senses.
  • The next is magic. Since donning a pair of fangs has a transformative effect on a person’s appearance and can give the illusion of being an other-worldly creature, it can be viewed as a form of glamour magick.
  • Thirdly, fangs as a mask, concealing our ordinary identity and allowing for a sort of escapism as we assume another form.
  • And lastly, fangs as a sex toy to enhance pleasure and arousal.

Father Sebastiaan has built an entire philosophy surrounding the vampire culture, which he delves into in his book Black Veils. I’ll provide links at the end of the post for anyone interested in learning more. For those who’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have figured out that he’s also the founder of the Endless Night Vampire Balls, which I’ve attended and written about here.

My Telefanging Appointment

Now, I was in for a different experience for my fang appointment since I couldn’t consult with Father Sebastiaan in person. Orders are done through the Vamporium Shop site. First, you choose the style of fangs you’d like, which include Classic Canines, Lilith Laterals and Sabres. Prices start at $150 per pair. Since the consultation takes place virtually, a separate molding kit for $50 must be purchased, which includes the materials necessary to make the teeth impressions yourself.

Fang molding kit

I initially opted for the Lilith fangs. The kit arrived quickly, within a couple of days, and I was excited to have a look at what the package contained. Inside were upper and lower dental trays, six small jars of molding clay (three blue and three white) and a miniature Legacy Ankh necklace—a special sigil that exemplifies the teachings within the Black Veils text.

The next step was to reach out to Father Sebastiaan to coordinate a time to meet in the virtual world. We did a Google Meet, but he offers various ways to do this, from Skype to Zoom, depending on the app accessible to you. I’ll admit I was a bit anxious because I had three attempts at taking my dental impressions correctly. If I didn’t get a good impression after the trio of tries, I’d need to order another kit and try again. Of course I wanted to prove I could follow directions the first time, so the pressure was on. But Father Sebastiaan is quite easy going, so his relaxed attitude quelled my nerves. Through the screen he assessed the color of my teeth and recommended I opt for the Canines instead of the Lilith Laterals.

Before I did anything, the fangsmith first explained how to take the impressions step by step, then it was my turn to execute under his guidance. Essentially, I had to mix one of the jars of blue clay with one of the jars of white clay like they were Play-Doh. Next was taking one of the trays and shaping the clay to fit into the impressions. After this was done, he directed me to insert the upper tray into my mouth, then press it firmly up against my teeth and wait for two minutes so the mold could form. This was the funny and awkward part as I did my best to not salivate with my mouth wide open.

So, I didn’t get the correct impression the first time, but was successful on my second attempt. I realized that I needed to use the smaller dental tray and that I had to push the mold more securely against my upper teeth. It was then time for me to recite the Vampyre’s Oath, which is a recitation of what one promises to do and not do while wearing their fangs. It’s spoken in a funny Southern accent with both hands held up in a devil’s horns pose. It was an entertaining way to wrap up the experience. You can view recordings of fang clients performing the oath on the official Sabretooth website.

The entire session took less than an hour. When all was done, Father Sebastiaan informed me to mail back the impressions and that by Christmas I might have a new pair of fangs.

The Grand Unveiling

Vamp Jenn donning fangs by Father Sebastiaan

Well, I’m delighted to say that I received my fangs just in time for the holiday. What a perfect gift to get indeed! My thoughts were racing, and I wondered how I’d look donning my new pair of incisors. It may sound funny to some, but I was a bit nervous my first time putting them in. I’ve wanted a pair of fangs made by Father Sebastiaan for quite some time and it was surreal that I was holding them in my hands.

I stood before my vanity and inserted one fang, then the other. It took a few seconds for me to adjust to the sensation of the vampire teeth in my mouth. I was afraid to accidentally swallow one, but they are very secure. For those out there like me who haven’t worn a custom pair before, it will take some time to adapt to how they feel when you speak and drink, but once you do, they’re fantastic to wear, tapping into that inner vampiric nature. Now I truly feel like a character from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

So, who’s ready to get their own pair of fangs?

Below, I will provide links to all relevant sites mentioned in this article. There are also guidelines for how to wear and care for your fangs. You can find more detailed information about the fang creation process and Father Sebastiaan’s other nocturnal endeavors.

Endless Night Vamporium Shop

Endless Night Vampire Ball

Father Sebastiaan official website


Books by Father Sebastiaan:

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9 thoughts on “My Vampire Transformation: Getting Custom Fangs by Father Sebastiaan

  1. Wow, Jenn, mesmerizing!

    Do you you keep the fangs in 24/7? If so, did you wake up the first morning after, absent-mindedly lick your lips just before gasping, “What the deuce?” Then, the shock melting quickly to, “Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s right! So wicked awesome!” (For whatever reason, I imagine you saying it with a Boston accent.)

    Sincerely, that is awesome, you glorying in a physical manifestation of a dream which has fevered your imagination for years. See, this…this is why we adult.

    Plus, you’re the first person I “know” who got the fangs. Stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the compliments!
      No, so they’re not permanent fangs, so they need to be taken out before eating or sleeping. There is a dentist though that works with Eternal Fangs and does permanent fangs. I don’t think I’m ready for that step yet, haha! But this pair will do just fine in the meantime 🙂


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