Countdown to Halloween 2022 Guide

Halloween Pumpkin (Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels)
Halloween guide (Photo by Pixabay via Pexels)
Halloween guide (Photo by Pixabay via Pexels)

We’re at that point in summerween when it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming spooky season! For those who don’t know, the much anticipated 100-days to Halloween countdown happens every year on July 23rd, and I’m releasing a special guide for 2022. I published one of these in 2021 and plan to make it an annual tradition so people can have a helpful resource to refer to as they plan their ghoulish festivities for the fall. I’ll be sharing where to shop, my costume predictions, event happenings and a few other tidbits.

Note: This post contains no affiliate links.

Where to Shop

Halloween decor (Photo by Erica Marshland via Unsplash)
Halloween decor (Photo by Erica Marshland via Unsplash)

Here, I’m going to list retailers in the U.S. that have a decent collection of Halloween goods to shop right now. Some stores aren’t showing much yet, so I decided to hold off on including them.

At Home

You’ll find lots of home decor items at At Home. There are throw pillows, doormats, inflatables and many more products that embody the Halloween spirt. The prices are pretty reasonable, and I’ve seen their items in person, so I can say the quality isn’t too bad either.

Bath & Body Works

If you want to stock up on spooky-scented candles, body care and other goodies, take a look at Bath & Body Works. Their Halloween candles and the “Vampire Blood” line are the main items I look forward to.


Grandinroad definitely understands the spooky community and is spotlighting their Halloween Haven shop on the front page. The retailer pulls out all the stops when it comes to décor, offering pieces for inside and outside your home. While prices aren’t exactly budget-friendly, the products look well-crafted and if, like me, you prefer to keep the interior of your living quarters macabre year-round, then they are a worthwhile investment. There’s so much to browse, but some of my favorites are a life-size Haunted Forest Figure, Deluxe Headless Couple and pre-lit Halloween pillows.

Home Depot

It looks like Home Depot is counting down to All Hallows’ Eve as well. They have their selections broken down by themes, which include Moonlit Magic, Family Frights and Grave & Bones, to name a few. You can navigate the sidebar and find items available. If you like to go all out when it comes to decorating your yard and making your home look like a haunted mansion, this is the place to shop.


I absolutely love going into HomeGoods and seeing their inventory of Halloween items in person. They offer good-quality products at affordable prices, and I like that the decor doesn’t look flimsy or poorly made. You’ll find tableware, cookware, pillows, throw blankets, statues, and other decor. The chain is affiliated with TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeSense, so there’s a chance those stores may have similar Halloween items, but HomeGoods is the only one I noticed that has a dedicated section for the holiday on their website.


Kirkland’s is highlighting fall and Halloween on their homepage, and they’re even offering a discount on spooky items! There’s a good amount to look through, and most of what you’ll find includes throw pillows, coffee mugs, wall art and table décor, among other haunted goodies.


Michaels is not shying away from All Hallows’ Eve, and one of the main categories on the homepage reads Lemax Spooky Town Collection. It features new collectibles of creepy villages, houses and figurines. I love the Gloom Room Club, which has a scary bar and zombie dancefloor. Plus, you can discover more goods under the main Halloween category.

Party City

The Halloween shop here has it all, including costumes, décor, accessories and party supplies. You’ll find products inspired by Stranger Things, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenstein, Michael Myers and plenty more. Now, I don’t think the quality is as good as some of the other retailers, but if you’re looking for budget-friendly items to use just for October, Party City is the place to go.

Spirit Halloween

Now we get to the retailer keeping it spooky year-round. It’s no surprise you’ll find all sorts of frightful decorations and costumes at Spirit Halloween, whether you’re shopping in October or April. On the homepage, they’re spotlighting animatronics, Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice. Make sure to have a look at the 9-foot Sandworm Inflatable. It’s to die for!

Halloween Specialty Stores

These are links to a slew of shops I discovered when I did a search for “Halloween shopping.” They specialize in the holiday and carry morbid products 365 days of the year.

The following options are available in the UK, and Halloween Costumes also ships to Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States. All you have to do is change the location in the drop box located at the top left of the screen.

Small Businesses

I mentioned this last year, and I’ll say it again—don’t forget to shop from and support small businesses! There are many fantastic people creating one-of-a-kind, handcrafted macabre goods year-round, from home décor to accessories. Etsy is a great place to start by simply searching “Halloween.” Here are a few links to check out too:

Halloween Costume Predictions

Halloween costume (Photo by Thirdman via Pexels)
Halloween costume (Photo by Thirdman via Pexels)

Anne Rice’s Vampires

After years of talk about adapting Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles into a TV series, it was finally announced last year that AMC acquired the rights. This fall, the network is slated to debut an adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, and I dare say the hype is going to inspire fans of the books to don a pair of fangs this Halloween. The main characters to choose from include Armand, Lestat, Claudia and Louis. I’ve already started sharpening my canines.

Ghostface from Scream

The iconic 90s horror film, Wes Craven’s Scream, was revived this year, continuing the horrific saga and featuring new characters, as well as some originals. Of course, the villain at the center of all the bloody mayhem was Ghostface, but the big question remained, who was under the mask this time? I forecast many people will be eager to claim that identity this October.

The Hawkins Gang of Stranger Things

I recently devoured season four, and all I have to say is, WOW! Don’t worry, I won’t divulge any spoilers here, but I feel the current installation is the best yet. There are so many awesome costume inspirations, from Eleven to the sinister Vecna. I also imagine the pot-smoking Argyle and metal head Eddie Munson being popular choices. I cannot wait to see which Stranger Things characters I’ll see trick-or-treating this October 31st.

The Munsters

You may have already heard that Rob Zombie is doing his own take on the classic television series The Munsters. No release date has been announced, but there is a teaser trailer and official movie poster. Some sources speculate it’ll be hitting cinemas sometime during spooky season, and I predict ghouls and goblins will be racing to dress up as Lily, Herman, Eddie and Grandpa.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is getting her very own series on Netflix this autumn, so I have no doubt the show will spark interest in the character come Halloween. Tim Burton is behind the helm, and I suspect episodes will be fantastically ghoulish. Long, raven-colored pigtails, a drapey black dress and a gallows sense of humor are all you need to achieve this Addams family member’s look.

Halloween Music Recommendations

Halloween music (Photo by Ivan Kuznetsov via Unsplash)
Halloween music (Photo by Ivan Kuznetsov via Unsplash)

What better way to channel the spirit of Halloween than with music! I love listening to morbid tunes and am always on the lookout for new albums and tracks. Here’s what’s currently in my rotation.

Atrium Carceri

If you love dark ambient music, then you’ll enjoy this group. The sounds envelop the listener in macabre bliss. They have several albums, and two of my favorites are Black Corner Den and Void.

Derek Fiechter

This artist puts a playful twist on instrumental music. His works encompass different themes, but some of his spookier offerings include Pumpkin Town, Dark Lullabies III, Moonlight Whispers and Spooky Tales.

The Fallen Crow

I just found out about this artist and liked what I heard. There was only one album available on Spotify, Tales of the Living Dead, but it’s definitely enough to give you All Hallows’ Eve vibes.

The Midnight Ghost

The Midnight Ghost is another new discovery for me, and the album Halloween Nightmares is a delight. Every track transports me to the world of haunts and gets me excited for the longer nights of fall.

Midnight Syndicate

If you’ve been hanging around Vamp Jenn’s Corner for a while, then you’re familiar with Midnight Syndicate. The duo’s music has been used in some of the biggest haunts around the world, and they’re synonymous with the spooky season. Any album is fitting to play, but you may want to start with the Halloween Music Collection.

Nox Arcana

Joseph Vargo is the mastermind behind Nox Arcana. He started the project nearly 20 years ago, and the music embodies gothic romantic style. Try out Darklore Manor, Season of the Witch and The Haunted Symphony.

Peter Gundry

The productions of Peter Gundry are absolutely beautiful to listen to and invoke dark magick. His latest release, Salem’s Heir, would be great to hear as you put up Halloween décor.

Spooky Events

Halloween event (Photo by Robert Heiser via Unsplash)
Halloween event (Photo by Robert Heiser via Unsplash)

This year, many Halloween events are returning nationwide, and I’m sure more will be announced. It’s impossible for me to list everything, but I do recommend taking a look at my Odd & Macabre 2022 Events calendar where I feature activities happening every month. I do my best to keep it updated, and the following are some highlights from October. I also suggest looking up local events in your area and keeping an eye out for haunts, spooky pop-ups and shows.

Spooky Blogs & Vlogs

Halloween pumpkins (Photo by Taylor Rooney via Unsplash)
Halloween pumpkins (Photo by Taylor Rooney via Unsplash)

Here’s a list of bloggers and vloggers delivering horrific and terrific content you’re sure to enjoy.

That is a little snapshot of what to anticipate this spooky season. I hope it helps you plan and get into the Halloween spirit. I’ll try to update the guide as more announcements happen, and please feel free to share how you’ll be preparing!

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  1. “(M)acabre bliss” is how you describe Atrium Carceri’s music, but the term apples even more so to your latest Halloween preview, Jenn. The feeling arose from the mists and grasped me early (by the third sentence, truth be told). By the time you got to the Halloween specialty stores, I had been spirited away, uncomplaining.

    What an astounding collection you’ve assembled, Jenn. I reckon researching it all must’ve been so much fun, but still, I appreciate all your work. For the more passionate among us, including you, the Hallowing countdown begins November 1.

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