Honoring the Most Notorious Gothic Families of TV

The Mystic Museum presents Family Goals: Tribute to Gothic Families of TV
Mystic Museum's Family Goals Art Show
Mystic Museum’s Family Goals Art Show

The Mystic Museum has launched its second art show of the year and it’s absolutely delightful — “Family Goals: Tribute to Gothic Families of TV!” The exhibit celebrated the films and 1960s TV sitcom of “The Addams Family” and “The Munsters.” Opening night was tons of fun and there was an incredible turnout.

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Several artists contributed pieces, including Queenie, Ashley Joncas, Little Ghouls and brothers Ryan & Matthew Murray. There were wonderful renderings of Morticia, Gomez and Wednesday Addams, as well as of Herman and Lily Munster. In addition to paintings and sketches, there were also mechanical creations that included Thing popping out of a black metal-studded box and Spot the Dragon emerging from a staircase.

Shop owner Erick Yaro Wessel, who is also a very talented artist, made a stunning mixed media work called “License to Die” that featured an actual coffin. It was a reimagining of the Drag-u-la car in “The Munsters.” There was another vehicle on display specifically for opening night parked out front of the museum— the original Munster Koach! I was so disappointed to not have gotten a photo of it. I had planned to snap a picture on my way out, but the relic had already been packed up and was gone. From the glimpse I got, it was a marvel.

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The photo ops are part of the fun at any Mystic Museum art show. I took selfies with Morticia and Cousin Itt. A DJ spun music and a bartender dressed as Lurch served drinks. The event felt like a gathering of one big spooky family.

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If you missed the debut, not to fret because “Family Goals” will be up until July and admission is $10. Visit The Mystic Museum official website for more information.

Are any of you fans of The Addams Family and The Munsters? I watched both shows as a kid and enjoyed them. And I love the 1990s The Addams Family movies. Share your thoughts of these classic Gothic families in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Honoring the Most Notorious Gothic Families of TV

  1. Another great discovery, Jennifer! There’s so much to see, being, as you are, miles from where the preponderance of the dark/gothic/horror genres were (are, and will be) dreamed up and created.

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Musters, but I definitely prefer the Addams Family. Maybe because it descended from New Yorker cartoons, giving it an “East Coast” tie-in, but due more to it being a bit more “realistic” and thus more visceral. This made it, I think, easier to lose oneself in the fantasy. Both were comedies, sure, but still…

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  2. Definitely a fan of both The Munsters and the Addams Family – never really got into the 90s film version as much as the old TV show – Could never choose which show I liked better – they were both great – just different. Keep on posting this cool stuff!

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