An Oddities Flea Market Weekend

The Oddities Flea Market Los Angeles

The Oddities Flea Market at the Globe Theatre

Some of you may recall that I attended The Oddities Flea Market last September, its first time in Los Angeles. Well, the Brooklyn-based event returned this past weekend to the Globe Theatre. Since there was such an overwhelming turnout at the last flea market (I waited two hours in line to get in), husband and wife Ryan Matthew and Regina Marie Cohn spanned the occasion across two days. They also added an after-party on Saturday night, which I was happy to attend.

The Saturday evening soiree was presented by the Atlas Obscura Society Los Angeles and took place at the same venue. The night would feature bizarre and wondrous performances by Black Marble, the Corpus Callosum dancers, Miserable and Ghost Pony. There were also a few select vendors selling their wares on the upper level.

I was mesmerized by the opening act Ghost Pony, which featured Erica Mancini as lead vocalist. Mancini is one of the only people in the world who can simultaneously sing and play the accordion while performing aerial acrobatics! It was one of the most unique feats I have witnessed on stage. Since words alone cannot capture the marvel of it, I’ll include a clip below. There were some technical difficulties, but the way she powered through it is telling of her talent.

Sunday was dedicated to the flea market itself. I learned my lesson from my experience at the first event and purchased VIP tickets, which were $40 each, for my husband and me. It allowed us entry two hours before general admission, so we got in at 10 a.m. as opposed to noon. This was great because it was less crowded and much easier to browse all three levels. Merchants filled the lower level, main floor and stage, plus the mezzanine area. We were able to take our time, see the wares up close and even chat with a few of the shop owners.

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Businesses included The Dark Art Emporium, Memento Mori, MOTHMEISTER, Ave Rose, Dapper Cadaver, Brooklyn Taxidermy, Nyxturna, Century Guild and Catacomb Culture, to name just a few. I was also honored to meet Regina Cohn who is as lovely in person as she is in photographs. I was beyond thrilled to learn from her that The Oddities Flea Market will return this October! It will again span across an entire weekend, from the 5th to the 6th. Before that, the event will head to Chicago on August 24th and 25th for those of you in the Chi-town area.

Regina Marie Cohn
Photo with Regina Marie Cohn

I didn’t think it could get any better, but The Oddities Flea Market surpassed my expectations and I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience it again. To learn more, visit the official website.

The Oddities Flea Market Los Angeles
The Oddities Flea Market Los Angeles

You can also find out about future events hosted by Atlas Obscura, who specialize in the strange and unusual, at the official website.

For photos of The Oddities Flea Market’s first time in LA, see this blog post.

12 thoughts on “An Oddities Flea Market Weekend

  1. What a nice surprise, Jennifer! I wasn’t expecting to hear about Part Deux until this fall, but you provided a delicious shiver in May, even amidst the greenery and exuberant birds. Or maybe the contrast makes it all the more chilling.

    Already, the flea market seems to have more than one person could savor, or even comprehend, in six weeks, yet you paid good money for you and your husband to take an even higher dose? I appreciate the report, but you two really took one for the team on this one.

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  2. Have yoυ been to Dapper Cadaver? Check out my blog at which contains this and some other dark attractions yoυ may like. Feel free to leave the first comment!

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