The Wonders at The Oddities Flea Market

A view of the main floor at The Oddities Flea Market inside the Globe Theatre
Globe Theatre Entrance
The Oddities Flea Market at the Globe Theatre

Taxidermy, bizarre art, dark fashion, skeletal creations, antique finds, jewelry and medical objects were just a few of the curiosities on display at The Oddities Flea Market. The event debuted in 2017 and originally takes places at the Brooklyn Bazaar in New York a few times a year. This was the first time the market had come to Los Angeles, so of course I had to attend.

Main Floor
The main floor at The Oddities Flea Market

After the Morbid Anatomy Museum closed its doors in 2016, Ryan Matthew Cohn, who starred on Discovery channel’s show “Oddities,” wanted to keep Brooklyn’s eccentric scene alive and so The Oddities Flea Market was born.  Curated by Ryan with the help of his wife Regina Marie Cohn, the flea market brings together vendors who specialize in the peculiar.

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The event took place at the historic Globe Theatre in LA. The line wrapped around the block and it was two hours before I made it inside! Vendors were sprawled across three floors showcasing their unique wares and creations, including Arcana Obscura, Miss Havisham, MM Fabrications, Museum of Death, Dark Art Emporium, Catacomb Culture and many more. A DJ spun music on the mezzanine overlooking the main floor. Twin brothers Ryan and Matthew Murray of Black Veil Tattoo were set up on the main stage taking appointments. They are such talented artists and their work is astounding. Check out their Instagram page to see their creations.

The turnout was unbelievable, and it was packed, especially on the main floor. It was difficult walking through a few of the aisles because there were so many people. There were several tables I would have liked to have looked at longer, but I was pushed along by the crowd. I was a bit disappointed to have not gotten more photos of what was being exhibited. It was amazing to see such rare and distinct items.

Of course there were many highlights. I got to check out the Creature Petting Zoo on the lower level where a variety of reptiles, insects and amphibians were on display. I also had the opportunity to speak with Missy Munster again, creator of MM Fabrications, and to view her pieces from her latest collection up close. Plus, host and man of the hour Ryan Cohn was front and center showcasing his impressive collection of oddities.

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The event was certainly a success and I have no doubt that The Oddities Flea Market will be back again, hopefully next year! If you attended this past weekend or have been to the one in Brooklyn, let me know in the comments below.

Keep up with The Oddities Flea Market at the official website.

11 thoughts on “The Wonders at The Oddities Flea Market

  1. Wow.

    Thanks for the memories as Bob Hope used to sing in his theme song.

    I had forgotten all about flea markets but there were several in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I remember when I was a kid growing up.

    My favourite was one called The Red Baron which had a sign on it showing Peanuts Charlie Brown’s pet beagle Snoopy flying a Sopwith Camel in search of The Red Baron.

    I’d spend hours in there looking at their treasures.

    I had forgotten all about it until I read this post of yours just now.

    Sadly there seem to be no real flea markets left in Alberta.

    This one called The Oddities looks really impressive. ☺

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it brought back good memories! This was my first flea market. I don’t really know of any in LA, at least none that are raved about like this one. I heard they plan to take the market to other cities and countries so hopefully it comes your way!


  2. You’ve painted an intriguing portrait of an extraordinary show. Despite the throng, you managed to capture some nice photos. To think, what you found represents only some of what’s surfaced in flea markets, bazaars, etc. Moreover, even that is only a fraction of what lurks, often forgotten, in people’s basements, attics and back closets. Deliciously creepy to contemplate, and just in time for Halloween!

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  3. A horrible experience. Unable to deal with the crowd, and the organizers were genuinely wretched people. If I could, I would undo having gone, and will never do so again.


    1. I’m sorry to hear. Yes, I did mention the issue I had with the large crowd and not being able to shop as freely. I’m not sure which organizers you met, but I’ve met the couple that runs it, Ryan and Regina, and they’re awesome people. The experience is different for everyone at these types of events, so I appreciate you sharing your perspective.


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