Electronic Rock Band Julien-K Shakes Up The Glass House

Julien-K live at The Glass House in Pomona, California
A shot of Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh rocking out on stage
A shot of Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh rocking out on stage

It’s been more than a year since I last saw Julien-K, one of my favorite bands, perform live. After completing a summer tour with The Stone Temple Pilots, Bush and The Cult, the group is on the road again on two sets of fall tours. One is with Jonathan Davis (lead vocalist of Korn) and The Birthday Massacre, and the other is also with The Birthday Massacre, plus Ghostfeeder. I attended a concert they did recently in Pomona, California, at The Glass House where they put on an adrenaline-pumping show.

The electronic rock group, based in Long Beach, California, was formed by Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh — both original members of the band Orgy and formerly part of Dead by Sunrise with Chester Bennington. Other bandmates include Bidi Cobra who plays keyboards, bass and provides backup vocals, as well as Alex Gonzales on drums, although the band was accompanied on stage by a different drummer this night. They performed several tracks off the California Noir albums, opening with “Analog Beaches & Digital Cities,” then moving straight into “Flashpoint Riot.”

I’m not even going to try to pick a favorite song they played because I was spellbound the entire time they were on stage, but there were certain ones that got the crowd revved up, such as “Dossier” and “Deep Beat Overground.” Like the last show I attended, they concluded this one with the number that put Orgy on the map back in the late 90s, the cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Just a few chords in and everyone was cheering and singing along. My one complaint — that they weren’t on stage longer! I could watch them for hours.

Julien-K is an awesome band to see live. The energy they put into creating their albums is amplified on stage and having the opportunity to see and feel that through the music is an unforgettable experience. The group has a very loyal fanbase that they are absolutely dedicated to as is evident by their successful Indiegogo campaigns they’ve run to bring music projects such as “California Noir,” “Time Capsule – A Future Retrospective” and currently, “Harmonic Disruptor” to fruition. The members are so down-to-earth and connected to their supporters that they stick around after shows to personally run the merch table and mingle with the crowd.

Julien-K will be on tour through early November. Check out their official website for full details. 

For more on the band’s music, read my review of “Time Capsule – A Future Retrospective.”


2 thoughts on “Electronic Rock Band Julien-K Shakes Up The Glass House

  1. As you mention, the band and its enthusiasts are mutually dedicated. Your photos prove they’re never “too busy” to appreciate those who appreciate their creativity. Naturally, that’s true of any artistic endeavor, but it’s particularly true in L.A., where there’s so much talent, but the competition also is so much more intense.

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