Odd & Macabre Los Angeles Events 2019

At Midsummer Scream
Vampire Bar
At the True Blood-inspired bar at Warner Bros. Studios Horror Made Here

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday. Now that 2018 is in the books, it’s time to get ready for what 2019 has in store. I have to say that I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend many amazing events this past year featuring uniquely talented individuals. In seeking out the odd and macabre happening near me, I discovered new places, experiences and people. I’ve already started filling my calendar with upcoming affairs and thought it’d be a good idea to share these with my readers. My mission is to introduce you to exciting new events that you can check out whether you live in the area or are visiting. Here we go!

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Following is a tentative schedule of functions I plan to attend and cover on my site, but it’s by no means complete. I’ve also added brief descriptions about them. There are only a few events mentioned, but I’m hoping this list will grow fast, so you might want to check back occasionally for updates.


19th: Conjoined Vs. Grotesque Art Show at Copro Gallery

Opening night of a new exhibition that will run from 1/19 to 2/16. The exhibit will feature dark art by several artists, including Ryan Matthew Cohn, the man behind The Oddities Flea Market.


2nd: DAKUATO with 12 Inches of Wood at Dark Art Emporium

This event will introduce grotesque pieces by Japanese artists, plus include an erotic art show. Read about the last art exhibit I attended here.

9th: Occult: In History & Pop Culture at The Mystic Museum

Inside The Mystic Museum
Inside The Mystic Museum

Those who have been following my blog for awhile know that I love to attend art shows at The Mystic Museum! Done in collaboration with Blackcraft Cult, this is the shop’s first art installation of the year. Read about the last art exhibit I attended here.

17th: Endless Night Vampire Ball at the Globe Theatre

Father Sebastiaan Photo
Endless Night Los Angeles Vampire Ball 2018 with Father Sebastiaan

Put on by master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan, this is an evening full of revelry for the undead creatures of the night. Read my review of last year’s festivities here.


4th-July 14th: I Like Scary Movies Experience at The Desmond

In the
In the “It” room of I Like Scary Movies experience

This is quite a unique experience for all scary movie fanatics. It’s an interactive, immersive art installation that will feature recreations of scenes from five classic horror films: “The Shining,” “Beetlejuice,” “It,” “The Lost Boys,” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street!” There will be a ton of fun photo ops for visitors. The production is touring and Los Angeles is its first stop.

12th-14th: Monsterpalooza at Pasadena Convention Center

I’m hoping to attend one of the days of the event this year. It will be my first time. The convention celebrates monsters and movies, featuring hundreds of exhibitors and live discussion panels.


11th-August 4th: Family Goals: Tribute to TV’s Gothic Families at The Mystic Museum

Mystic Museum's Family Goals
Mystic Museum’s Family Goals

The Mystic Museum will debut yet another fantastic macabre art exhibit that will also feature the original Munsters coach for opening night!

11th-?: Prone to Exaggeration at The Dark Art Emporium

Another art exhibit debut that will be taking place this evening featuring macabre works by Rick “DIENZO” Blanco, Richard J. Frost and Bob Doucette.

18th-19th: Oddities Flea Market at the Globe Theatre

A view of the stage inside the Globe Theatre
A view of the stage inside the Globe Theatre

I was so happy to learn that this event was returning to LA for a second time. This year the market will take place across two days, plus there’s an after-party that will include dark and bizarre performances! Read my review of last year’s festivities here.

22nd: World Goth Day

Goth Woman

Besides being my husband’s birthday, it’s also Goth Day! I was 14 when I found my place in the goth community and 2019 marks 20 years that I have identified with the scene. Nothing in particular is happening on the 22nd that I could find, but I thought it’d be fun to mention it here. Pay tribute to the subculture by being a little odd and macabre if you’d like.

23rd-September 22nd: Mad Hatter’s Gin & Tea Party Pop-Up

“Alice in Wonderland” enthusiasts can attend a tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter, but only for a limited time. The 90-minute experience gives guests the opportunity to become mixologists and create three cocktails. Many dates have sold out so act fast if you don’t want to be late!

24th-26th: Mothmeister – Postmortem Fairy Tales at Lethal Amounts Gallery

I jumped out of my skin when I discovered that the duo Mothmeister would be featured in an exhibit in Los Angeles! I first mentioned this pair in my post on macabre Instagram accounts. Their creations are mesmerizing. Opening night will also include a live soundscape by Dead Animal Assembly Plant.


5/31-6/1: The Thule Spirit Machine Experience at Diehl Marcus & Company

Thule Spirit Machine Experience at Diehl Marcus & Co.
Thule Spirit Machine Experience at Diehl Marcus & Co.

The antique and curio shop in Los Angeles not only sells rare finds to collectors, but also hosts fascinating events. This one involves an attempt to contact the other side using a device discovered during WWII!

8th: Vincent Castiglia’s Autopsy of the Soul at The Dark Art Emporium

A solo art show displaying Castiglia’s new series in its entirety, plus past works. Oh, did I mention he’s known for using his own blood in his paintings?

8th: Seven Sins & Loss at Copro Gallery

Chris Velasco curates this art exhibit featuring works by artists depicting the seven deadly sins. Also on display will be the “Loss” series by Menton3.

9th: Isis/Egyptian Magick Workshop at Ipso Facto

The alternative apparel and metaphysical shop in Fullerton, California, will host this workshop that will examine the goddess Isis and include a ritual. The shop also hosts spirit circles, which I have had the pleasure of attending.

15th: Witch Walk in Downtown Santa Ana, CA

The Witch Walk in downtown Santa Ana
The Witch Walk in downtown Santa Ana

This event, presented by Hype Priestess, makes its grand debut on this day and will take place the third Saturday of every month. Coven of Ashes will perform the opening ceremony. The walk will feature several vendors selling spiritual, magical and healing wares. Tarot card reading, live music and more will also be offered, and admission is free. If you think you may want to purchase anything, bring cash.

19th: The House of Red Velvet at Bar Lubitsch

I’ve been wanting to attend this event for awhile now. It showcases dark performance art that is provocative and tantalizes the senses.

23rd: Twin Temple at The Roxy Theatre

Twin Temple (Photo courtesy of the Twin Temple official website)
Twin Temple (Photo courtesy of the Twin Temple official website)

The Satanic doo-wop band is performing in Los Angeles and I’m hoping to attend. This will be my first time seeing the duo live. If you’re into soulful melodies from the 60s and don’t mind hailing Satan, you’ll enjoy this pair.

23rd: Dark Ambient Sound Bath: Exorcism at Pieter Performance Space

Dark Ambient Sound Bath is an experience geared towards healing through meditation accompanied by live ambient music, while also recognizing the “shadow self.” The theme for this session is “Exorcism.” I’ve never attended a sound bath, so I’m hoping to make this event.

26th: Spirit Seminar at The Mystic Museum

During this two-hour session, Mystic Dylan will discuss spirit communication and necromancy, followed by a presentation by Medium Adela Lavine who will guide the group in contacting the spirit realm. The seminar is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and tickets are $40.

29th: Beetlehouse LA Reopening

Beetlehouse LA is moving and upgrading to a bigger, better location! Founder Zach Neil has promised a ton of new spooky goodies that will be featured. For a look inside the original spot, see this blog post.


7th: Summer Spirit Circle at Ipso Facto


The alternative apparel & metaphysical shop welcomes summer with another spirit circle meeting that will include a tarot reading, table tipping and spirit board divination. Tickets are $20. For those unfamiliar with spirit circles, learn what to expect in this blog post.

12th: The Hamilton Séance at Diehl Marcus & Co.

The antique & curio shop presents yet another ghostly event hosted by Zachariah the Witch. On this night, all involved will attempt to make contact with the spirit of Alexander Hamilton on the eve of his death. Read what transpired at the last séance here.

12th-13th: Rated R: Part III Horror Speakeasy in Glendale, CA

This event happened earlier this year and received a great reaction from attendees. It’s back again for a weekend, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 1am at a secret location. There’s a full bar, live entertainment, horror film screenings and more! This is strictly for ages 21+ and admission is $10 (this does not include drink costs).

13th: Tiny Terrors 2 at The Dark Art Emporium

The group art show will feature works from more than 100 artists with pieces no bigger than 10″ and costing $300 or less. The event is from 7pm to 10pm and admission is free, but bring cash for purchases.

14th: The Los Angeles Grand Flaneur Walk by Diehl Marcus & Co.

Spend a Sunday strolling the City of Angeles in your finest attire! Presented by Christian Marcus and The Chap Magazine, this event will take you to pubs, shops and wherever else the day leads. Departure will be from the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel and updates of where the group is located will occur every hour on Facebook.

20th: Witch Walk in Downtown Santa Ana

The second Witch Walk by Hype Priestess happens with vendors selling metaphysical and spiritual goods. Read all about it here.

24th: Faeries & Northern European Elemental Traditions Lecture at Ipso Facto

Part of Ipso Facto’s monthly series of free lectures, Dr. James Rietveld will discuss mythic beings called Elementals and their influence on occult and alchemical works.

26th: Espionage & The Criminal Mind at Diehl Marcus & Co.

Magicians Zac Young and Jax Ridd will guide guests on a mysterious adventure that includes occultism, espionage, parapsychology and more! Tickets are $25 with doors opening at 8 p.m. and the show commencing at 9 p.m.

27th: Every Day is Halloween Cosplay Extravaganza at Bar Sinister

Join Mistress Bella Bathory and Femme Domme Fatale for this Halloween-themed night at the Los Angeles goth club. The establishment already celebrates the macabre, so this night promises to be extra spooky. Get $5 off admission for showing up in costume. Find out more about the bar in this blog post.

30th: Gothic Book Club at The Last Book Store

As part of the iconic Los Angeles book store’s book club events, this session will focus on Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire!” The discussion will be moderated by horror author and Bram Stoker Award winner John Palisano. It’s from 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and tickets are $32.


3rd-4th: Midsummer Scream at Long Beach Convention Center

The Sanderson Sisters perform
The Sanderson Sisters perform “I Put a Spell on You” during the “Hocus Pocus” presentation at Midsummer Scream

Happening in my hometown of Long Beach, California, this will be my second time going to this horror convention that includes scary mazes, celebrity appearances, sneak peeks of October haunts and more. Plus, I’ll be attending as part of the Creepy Kingdom crew! Read my review of last year’s festivities here.

8th-11th: Charles Manson Exhibit at Lethal Amounts Gallery

The LA art gallery will spotlight one of the most horrific and notorious events to happen in history – the Manson murders. Never-before-seen pieces, original art and photography will be on display. Preview happens on the 8th, the night of the Tate murder, from 9pm to midnight and tickets are $40. Tickets are $19.69 if you plan to attend the remaining days.

8th- September 1st: Sinister Pointe’s Spirit Lounge in Brea, CA

During the Halloween season, Sinister Pointe creates haunts, and this year they are presenting another kind of spooky experience – a horror-themed pop-up interactive bar! Reservations are required so snag your spot before they all fill up.

15th-September 8th: It Chapter Two Experience in Los Angeles, CA

An immersive haunt that gives a previews into the upcoming sequel. The maze features 10 rooms and lasts about 40 minutes. Admission is free, but all reserved time slots are booked. Walk-ups are welcome but you may be waiting a few hours. It is located on Hollywood and Vine.

10th: Familiars Art Show at The Dark Art Emporium

The dark art gallery’s new exhibit will feature works by a variety of artists and will take place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is free.

17th: Witch Walk in Downtown Santa Ana

Stock up on all of your metaphysical and spiritual needs during the Witch Walk!

17th: Haunted Los Angeles at Diehl Marcus & Co.

Craig Owens of Bizarre Los Angeles will give a special presentation on the City of Angel’s most talked about haunted spots that will include The Cecil Hotel, The Colonial Apartments (Bette Davis’ last home!)  and more. Doors open at 8 p.m. and presentation begins at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10.

22nd: “Beetlejuice”  & “Edward Scissorhands” Double Feature at The Queen Mary

As part of The Queen Mary’s Summer Movie Night Series, two Tim Burton classics will be shown – “Beetlejuice” and “Edward Scissorhands.” Event opens at 6 p.m. and admission is free. Date Packages are available for $75 and include reserved seating for two, a bottle of sparkling wine and snacks.

???: Scare LA at Los Angeles Convention Center

Zombies made up by artists of El School of Professional Makeup at Scare LA
Zombies made up by artists of El School of Professional Makeup at Scare LA

I keep checking for updates about this event, but sadly it doesn’t seem like it’s happening this year. ScareLA did post on Instagram that they have some other plans brewing. This is another major horror convention in Southern California that resurrects the Halloween sprit in summer. Read my review of last year’s festivities here.


7th-January 5th: The Evil Dead: An Immersive Experience at The Mystic Museum

The Mystic Museum is teaming up with Renaissance Pictures to bring this experience that will include original props from “The Evil Dead” film, photo ops and art! Opening reception is from 8pm to midnight and admission is $12.

7th: Missy Munster’s INRI Fashion Show at Black Sheep Gallery

I have been anxiously awaiting for Missy Munster to debut her new collection. Occult fashion designer will introduce her latest line at this event from 8 p.m. to midnight with a special performance by Embrace Chaos Suspensions at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10. Check out her last fashion show in this blog post.

12th-November 3rd: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood


September 12th will be the first-ever fan preview event for Universal’s HHN! Attendees can get a sneak peek at 10 new mazes, plus enjoy themed photos ops, a commemorative souvenir and DJ music. Tickets start at $69.

13th-15th: Son of Monsterpalooza at Marriott Burbank Convention Center

The offspring of Monsterpalooza, this three-day event ushers in the fall season with panels and vendors focusing on horror film, makeup, special effects and more. If I’m able to make it on one of the days, it will be my first time attending. Read all about Monsterpalooza 2019 here.

13th-November 3rd: Haus of Creep by JFI Productions

A macabre interactive experience featuring installations that will shock and titillate! Sex and violence are the themes and there will be photo ops galore for your Instagram posting pleasure. The event is for ages 21+ and tickets are $69.

14th-October 6th: Angel Dust Exhibit at The Dark Art Emporium

Opening night of this exhibit featuring works by Iva Troj, Meagan “Magpie” Rodgers and Rachael Bridge.

14th-November 3rd: Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Haunted mazes, monsters and spooky shows will take place.

21st: Witch Walk DTSA

Stock up on all of your metaphysical and spiritual needs. Takes place from 5p.m. to 10p.m.

25th: The House of Red Velvet at Bar Lubitsch

This raw and sensual production created by Olivia Bellafontaine returns! See my interview with the talented performer here.

26th-November 2nd: Dark Harbor at Queen Mary

Let the Halloween frights begin at Long Beach’s historic, haunted ship! The event will feature six mazes, more than 200 monsters, hidden bars, rides and live entertainment. Tickets start at $20.

28th: Legendary Creatures & Monsters at Boys & Girls Club

The Artist Lodge specializes in pop-up art events and presents its Halloween edition. There will be vendors, art exhibits, plus Bat in Your Belfry will be the featured artist with a solo gallery of original works.

28th-October 10th: Lux in Tenebris Art Show at Lethal Amounts

An art show featuring dark art by more than 30 artists from around the world. Opening night is open to the public, but thereafter requires an appointment to view the exhibit.

28th-November 2nd: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park

Midnight Falls is this year’s theme. Enjoy interactive mazes, photo ops and the iconic hayride, which takes you deep into the woods where monsters lurk. Ticket prices start at $29.99.



This month is going to be off the charts! Since it’s my birthday month, I know I’ll be attending a few haunts. Although circumstances may change and I don’t have dates yet, these are ones I hope to visit: Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. Read what I did last year here.

1st- November 30th: Bite at The Count’s Den

This spot is an interactive vampire-themed lounge that will host an immersive dinner experience for the Halloween season. The event is strictly for those ages 21+ and may include nudity, sexual scenes, gore and, of course, blood. Tickets go on sale September 14th.

3rd-November 1st: Rooftop Movies at The Montalbán

This historic hotel has hosted its Rooftop Movie series for five years and they have a fantastic lineup for October! Films that will be screened include “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Friday the 13th,” “American Psycho,” “Interview with the Vampire” and so many more. Doors open at 6p.m. and movies begin after sunset. General admission is $18 and Loveseats are $50.

5th: Drunken Devil Presents Bloody Brunch at El Cid

Vampires and creatures from your nightmares will surround you as you partake in this spooky brunch. Burlesque performances and magic acts are some of the entertainment you’ll experience. Beware: you’ll be exposed to blood, gore and partial nudity. Tickets start at $25 and do not include food and drinks.

5th-6th: Oddities Flea Market at the Globe Theatre

It’s back again for a second time this year! Numerous vendors will be selling their best bizarre wares. More details to come, but in the meantime, checkout out what happened at the most recent Los Angeles flea market here.

6th: Spooky Sabbat Divination Event at Ipso Facto

Sharpen your clairvoyant abilities during a spirit circle. This gathering will feature a tarot, Ouija, table tipping and pendulum.

11th-November 2nd: House of Spirits at Undisclosed Location

This cocktail soiree welcomes guests into a haunted mansion with a storyline loosely based on the final days of artist Goya. Location is revealed near the date you’ll be attending and the attraction is for persons ages 21 and over. Tickets start at $60.

12th: The Creep Presents Spookhaus at The Dark Art Emporium

Opening night of this group exhibition featuring artwork by Jeremy Cross, Dienzo, D.W. Frydendall and more. Admission is free.

12th: In Rooms Gallery at Lethal Amounts

This event will display Brittany Markert’s photographic project that confronts topics such as pain and suicidal ideation. There will be a lecture from 4p.m.-6p.m. and tickets start at $8. The exhibit will open to the public from 6p.m. to 9p.m. and I believe is free.

12th: We Are Parasites Art Show + AMF Ritual at Black Sheep Gallery

Louis Fleischauer debuts a new, provocative collection of wearable art, living sculptures and more with an opening ritual presented by Aesthetic Meat Front. Exhibit is free and takes place from 7p.m. to 10p.m.

12th-November 2nd: The Dark Art Society Group Show at Copro Gallery

The Dark Art Society is an organization headed by Chet Zar that progresses the Dark Art movement. View art by Adam McCarthy, Carin Hazmat, David Van Gough, Shane Izykowski and more! Plus, in the second gallery space, Jay Ferguson will display his exhibit “Obscure,” which will feature new pieces. Opening reception is on October 12th from 6p.m. to 10p.m. and admission is free.

13th: 36th Hollywood Forever Cemetery Walking Tour

Explore the grounds of this historic graveyard where icons such as Rudolph Valentino and Maila Nurmi, a.k.a Vampira are buried. Tours take place every 20 minutes from 9a.m. to 11a.m. and last about three hours. Tickets are $20. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

16th: The House of Red Velvet at Bar Lubitsch

This edition will be “Sacrifice & Rebirth” and is the final show of the year! Both VIP and general admission tickets are available and prices start at $40. Doors for the VIP pre-show open at 8:45p.m. The main event is from 10p.m. to 11:30p.m.

19th: Witch Walk DTSA

Stock up on all of your metaphysical and spiritual needs. Takes place from 5p.m. to 10p.m.

19th: Drunken Devil Presents Black Magick in Los Angeles, CA

This event takes you back to the 1920s presenting a narrative that explores black magick in Old Hollywood. An open bar, live jazz, burlesque and magic acts are a few of the things you can expect. It will be held at a private location. Pre-sale tickets are $75 until October 1st.

19th: Endless Night Vampire Salon at Bar Sinister

Father Sebastiaan will host his vampire salon at the Los Angeles goth/alternative club. DJs, an upstairs fetish room and more can be enjoyed. Admission is $10. Don your best fangs!

24th-January 2020: Cages Presented by Woolf and the Wondershow

This is a immersive, live musical experience happening in downtown Los Angeles. From the trailer on the website, the show appears quite dark and will explore a loveless theme. Tickets are $42 for Friends & Family preview nights and $50 thereafter. Ages 21+ only.

25th-31st: LA Opera Presents “Psycho” at The Theatre at Ace Hotel

The Los Angeles opera company presents horror classics accompanied by live orchestra at this historic hotel every All Hallows Eve season. A few years ago, I attended the showing of “Nosferatu” and it was amazing! “Psycho” is on the bill this year, followed by a Halloween after-party on select nights. Tickets start at $20 with showtimes at either 2p.m. or 8p.m. depending on the day.

29th: Séance at the Haunted Historic Harris House by Bizarre Los Angeles

This will be the first time a séance has ever been performed at the Historic Harris House! There will me a mini-paranormal investigation and two half-hour seances led by Zachariah the Witch. The event is limited to only 10 people, ages 21+, and admission is $50. The event takes place from 8:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.



1st: Twin Temple at Regent Theater

The Satanic doo-wop duo returns to Los Angeles for another live performance. Tickets are $15.

9th: Mutations: A Grotesque Group Show at Dark Art Emporium

This group show will feature works from artists such as Dos Diablos, Jody Fallon, Jim Pavelec , Jeremy Cross and more! Opening reception is from 7p.m. to 10p.m. with an afterparty at The 4th Horseman pizza parlor. Admission is free.

10th: 30th Anniversary Event at Ipso Facto

The goth/alternative boutique celebrates 30 years in business! The event is from 6p.m. to 8p.m. and will include giveaways, tarot readings and a live performance by death rock post-punk band Shrouds. Admission is free and all ages are welcome.

13th: Pet Psychic Circle at Ipso Facto

Ever wondered what your cat or dog is thinking? Learn how to communicate more effectively with your pet during this special edition of the shop’s spirit circle. Admission is $20 and event begins at 7:30p.m.

16th: Witch Walk DTSA

Stock up on all of your metaphysical and spiritual needs. Takes place from 5p.m. to 10p.m.

20th: Psychic Development Workshop at Ipso Facto

This is the first of a four-part series that the alternative apparel/metaphysical shop will host. Led by intuitive practitioner Shelley Hofberg who has more than 35 years of experience under her belt, the classes will guide participants in nurturing psychic abilities through meditation and the use of divinations tools. Admission is $20 and the first session will begin at 7:30p.m.


6th: Zombie Fashion Show & Creature Art Exhibit

More than 50 Hollywood makeup artists will compete and show off their artistry skills by transforming models into gory zombies! There will also be vendors, a DJ, and even Zombie Santa and elves. Early bird tickets are $5 and general admission pre-sale is $10.

7th: House of Salem: The Texas Chainsaw Museum at Lethal Amounts

In commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the controversial horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Lethal Amounts in collaboration with House of Salem will display artifacts, memorabilia, never-before-seen photos, recordings and more to the public. The event is from 7p.m. to 11p.m. and tickets are $10.

12th: Penny Slinger in Conversation at The Philosophical Research Society

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies hosts a lecture and discussion with artist Penny Slinger whose works embody dark surrealism and touch on topics such as female sexuality and body horror. The event is from 7:30p.m. to 10p.m. and tickets are $12.

13th: Dark Holy Days at The Black Sheep Gallery

The dark art exhibit will display works that explore the pagan origins of Christmas. Doors open at 7p.m. and admission is free.

13th-31st: Dreaming of Spirits at Hyaena Gallery

Although the exhibit has been up since December 1st, this night will be the opening reception. View dark art and meet the artists. The reception will be from 8p.m. to 11p.m. and admission is free.

14th-31st: Heroine Junkie at The Dark Art Emporium

The gallery will host this solo exhibition by Dan Litzinger, which celebrates women and the non-binary community. Opening night is from 7p.m. to 10p.m. and admission is free. Although I have no end date, the exhibits here are usually up for about three weeks after the debut.

15th: Yule Divination Event at Ipso Facto

Holiday edition of the shop’s spirit circle, which will include tarot, Ouija, pendulum and table tipping. Begins at 6p.m. and tickets are $15.

18th: Psychic Development Workshop at Ipso Facto

The second part of an ongoing psychic development series to help individuals enhance clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. Class is from 7:30p.m. to 9:30p.m. and tickets are $20.

21st: Witch Walk DTSA

Stock up on all of your metaphysical and spiritual needs. Also perfect time to buy holiday gifts for friends and family. Takes place from 5p.m. to 10p.m.

31st: Dita Von Teese’s New Year’s Eve Gala

Dita Von Teese's costumes are part of the seductive allure in her performances (Photo is from Dita Von Teese's Facebook page)
Dita Von Teese’s costumes are part of the seductive allure in her performances (Photo is from Dita Von Teese’s Facebook page)

UPDATE (10/23/19): The Queen of Burlesque has officially announced the 3rd New Year’s Eve party taking place at The Orpheum Theatre! I’ve attended the last two and she and her Vontourage put on an amazing show. Presale is happening now and tickets will be available to the public Friday, 10/25. There will also be a Meet & Greet Package available. As more details come up, I’ll  add them here so keep checking back.

That’s all I have so far, but as I mentioned, this is a work in progress. I hope you return to take a look at strange and unusual additions. If any of you out there know of other events happening in the Los Angeles/Orange County area that I should check out, please share!

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  1. The months ahead loom with all sorts of delicious chills – thanks for planning to take us with you! Intrigue and mystery abound, perhaps no more subtly, and effectively, so than at the Oddities Flea Market. Good news that they plan an encore performance. Can’t wait to see what new treasures 2019 will uncover!

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