Debut Night of “Vampira Introduces The Shape of Water” Exhibit

Vampira Introduces The Shape of Water
From left to right: "Micro Waist with a Pale White Feline Face" by B2rian LS; "The Fish Man" by Mescalito; "Breathe" by Maricela Avina
From left to right: “Micro Waist with a Pale White Feline Face” by B2rian LS; “The Fish Man” by Mescalito; “Breathe” by Maricela Avina


It was the grand unveiling of the latest exhibit to take over The Mystic Museum in Burbank, California — “Vampira Introduces The Shape of Water” art show. If you keep up with my blog, you may have read posts about past events I’ve attended at this oddities shop, which have had fun horror themes. I was especially excited about this one because of my love for the original glamour ghoul and Guillermo del Toro!  So, cue the haunting music and imagine Vampira drifting down a foggy corridor to present to you this sneak peek.

At the commencement of the evening, people already filled the inner rooms where the artwork and DJ were set up. The show featured pieces by more than 50 artists that adorned the walls, shelves and glass cases. There was a collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography. While some pieces were creative renderings of Vampira, or scenes and characters from Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water,” others combined elements of both, such as “Creature of the Deep” by Ashley Joncas. It’s a shot of a mysterious female creature draped in black emerging from the dark waters of a bath. The artist herself attended the event donning the same outfit in the photo and it looked fantastic in the flesh!

There were also opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in the ambience. Pinup goth model Heather Rae embodied the persona of Vampira, taking photos with people on a red velvet Victorian couch with gravestones for a backdrop. Owner Erick Yaro Wessel crafted a replica of the tank from “The Shape of Water” where attendees lined up, including myself, to have their picture taken inside.

Besides getting to view amazing artwork, I had the opportunity to meet two of the curators of the show, Jonny Coffin and Micheline Pitt. Mr. Coffin helped produce the 2012 documentary “Vampira and Me” and is currently running a GoFundMe campaign for “The Vampira Diaries.” Micheline Pitt is a makeup and hair stylist, fashion designer and artist. Her line La Femme en Noir debuted a recreation of the classic Vampira gown where they are on sale now at The Mystic Museum. She also had a variety of chic t-shirts featuring the iconic femme fatale. I was sad to find out later that actor Doug Jones who played the Amphibian Man in “The Shape of Water” was at the event and I missed him!  

It was an awesome opening night and I think I may have to return at least once more. “Vampira Introduces The Shape of Water” is running until September and admission to the exhibit is $10. Get more information at the official website of The Mystic Museum

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