“The Shining” Exhibit at The Mystic Museum

"The Shining" welcome banner at The Mystic Museum
“The Shining” welcome banner at The Mystic Museum

When you need to satiate your curiosity for the bizarre, The Mystic Museum and its sister store Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities in Burbank, California, are the places to go. Both shops sell unique items, such as esoteric literature, tarot cards, spirit boards and jewelry. They also host events from movie nights to seances. Currently, “The Shining” Art Show is on display and for all of you Stephen King and horror fans out there, here’s a look inside.

Nearly 40 years ago, “The Shining” movie hit theatres. Since then, it has become a staple of the horror genre in both literature and cinema. It’s no surprise that an exhibit would be created to pay homage to the film and give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the setting.

The exhibit recreates a few famous scenes from the feature. One set-up is the bathroom with a door that’s already been hacked into with a murder weapon. There is also the unforgettable phrase “redrum” painted on it in fake blood. On a table lies knives and an ax. A small corner shows Danny’s playroom, containing his tricycle and toys. Then there’s the Redrum Parlor, which was a real treat to tour.

The Redrum Parlor is inspired by the movie’s The Gold Room where Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) believes he is indulging in cocktails and in the company of other hotel guests. The room looks like a 1920s speakeasy beckoning guests inside. A trio of well-dressed skeletons seated at a table greet you as you enter.

The bar is the highlight of the room. Step behind it and become Lloyd the bartender. It’s the perfect spot for a photo. Don’t be too spooked if you hear voices whispering in your ear or witness objects moving mysteriously. Books dealing in mysticism fill glass cases and enigmatic pieces decorate the room. Upon a circular table sit a crystal ball and tarot cards where a séance is about to take place. There’s also a lounge area furnished with plush couches, channeling board and gory fireplace.

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Works by contributing artists cover the walls throughout the exhibit. The creativity unleashed in the pieces is astounding to see. The art is for sale and can be viewed and purchased in-store or online, but keep in mind the items won’t be available to take home until after the exhibit has run its course.

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“The Shining” Art Show runs through May 6 and admission is $10. Details about this and other events can be found at The Mystic Museum official website.   

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