Meet-Up with Avelina De Moray & Mahafsoun

Recently, I met up with two individuals who have made quite a name for themselves in the goth and alternative scene — Avelina De Moray and Mahafsoun. Each has an impressive social media following due to creative projects they have launched. They hosted an intimate meet and greet in Hollywood, California, where I got to chat with this talented pair.

Gathering outside of Starbuck’s was a small group of individuals brought together by the appreciation for the macabre. It was a wonderful opportunity to network and get to know Avelina and Mahafsoun. For those not familiar with these influencers, allow me to provide some background information.

Photo with Avelina De Moray
Photo with Avelina De Moray

Avelina De Moray is an artist, a designer and vocalist of the goth metal band As Angels Bleed. She has largely gained notoriety for her handbag collaborations with prominent social media influencers, such as goth model Beatriz Mariano and YouTube vlogger It’s Black Friday. Her partnership with Mahafsoun is her latest venture and, of course, the two were sporting this bag at the meet-up. Check out De Moray’s site, which I’ll link to at the end of the post, to browse her collection of handbags and wallets.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, Mahafsoun is a belly dancer, model and singer of the band Akheth. She is a regular performer at Father Sebastiaan’s Endless Night Vampire Ball. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to watch her videos.

Photo with Mahafsoun
Photo with Mahafsoun

During the meet-up, the pair talked about their plans while in Los Angeles and the group exchanged information about individual projects. One member of the circle has an accessory business that specializes in jewelry with a dark twist. She brought a pair of dagger-shaped earrings for Avelina. There was also a student of the Musicians Institute who hailed from South Africa. Another person just moved to the area from Northern California. It was a diverse group of people with plenty of interesting conversation to provide.

The Mahafsoun handbag by Avelina De Moray
The Mahafsoun handbag by Avelina De Moray

There was a surprise guest who showed up to join our congregation — Father Sebastiaan in the flesh! It was awesome to hear him talk a little about his background and experience making a name for himself in the City of Angels, as well as offering some savory tidbits about a members-only club named Cloak & Dagger. He even invited the group to a barbeque at his home, which I unfortunately could not attend. Despite that, I enjoyed my time socializing and connecting with new people.

Discover more about Avelina De Moray at her official website.

See Mahafsoun’s online page for her latest projects and appearances.

Is anyone already familiar with Avelina and Mahafsoun or is this your first time hearing about them? Let me know in the comments below!

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