A Night at Bar Sinister


The saying here goes “Leave your religions at the door and elevate your mind.” And those who enter these doors better pay heed because this is a place of no judgement. Individuals wear their personal statements, from tightly-laced corsets, fish net bodysuits, thigh-high PVC boots, spikes and some even sport a pair of fancy fangs. This sanctuary has been catering to the goth and alternative scene since the late 1990s. I was in high school when I first heard of Bar Sinister and not of age to get in, sadly for me. It would be about 15 years before my first visit! Here’s a glimpse inside.

My husband and me at Bar Sinister
My husband and me at Bar Sinister

It was a dark and chilly evening on the streets of Hollywood and a line was snaking around the corner of the street. Before heading in, my party and I stopped to have a drink at Boardner’s located right next door – a lounge that dates to 1942. It still exudes an old Hollywood atmosphere mixed with the vibes of a speakeasy. It’s dark with vintage décor and an antique cash register behind the bar.

A cocktail to start the sinister night
A cocktail to start the sinister night

After enjoying our first refreshment of the evening, we headed over to Bar Sinister. There are three main rooms, each with its own bar – the dance floor, the patio area where stage performances are held and the fetish room on the upper level called Purgatory. I told you this is a place of no judgement. Whether you come to seductively sway the night away to industrial beats, watch a live show or be a voyeur to the naughty action happening upstairs, you’ll find something to awaken your senses.

DJ spinning sick beats at Bar Sinister
The DJ and dance floor at Bar Sinister

I love to dance so we headed to the room where the DJ was set up spinning sinfully delightful music. Electric goth beats pulsated and people were completely caught up in the sounds. That night, there was a special show being put on by goth musician Aurelio Voltaire to celebrate his birthday. He’s known for his dark cabaret sound blended with theatrical elements. At the stroke of midnight, he took to the stage for an hour-long performance. It was my first time seeing him live and he is a very witty entertainer. Bar Sinister features new performers every week, so check their calendar for upcoming appearances.

Aurelio Voltaire performing his opening number,
Aurelio Voltaire performing his opening number, “The Man Upstairs”

Know Before You Go:

  • The cover charge is $10 and cash only, but some nights $5 off discount passes are offered.
  • The dress code is a bit strict and calls for your dark, alternative best.
  • If you’re out of dress code, the entrance fee is $20. My husband isn’t goth, but he was able to pass with a black shirt, jacket and converse, paired with dark wash jeans.

Read the establishment’s guidelines in more detail at the Bar Sinister official website.

Bottom line, if you decide to visit, have fun, mix and mingle if you desire, and enjoy being with fellow creatures of the night!

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