The Apocalypse Has Come to Long Beach in the Guise of The 4th Horseman

Inside The 4th Horseman in Long Beach, California
The 4th Horseman
The 4th Horseman

Note: Due to COVID-19, The 4th Horseman is currently open for pickup and outdoor dining.

A dark and horror-filled restaurant has set up shop in Long Beach, California. Opening its doors this past November, The 4th Horseman is one of the most unique pizza joints to grace the city. I visited the spot and absolutely loved the vibe. If you haven’t been, here’s a look inside.

Horror-inspired wall art at The 4th Horseman
Horror-inspired wall art at The 4th Horseman

The 4th Horseman is the brainchild of Ryan Hughes and Martin Svab (the duo behind the brewery Phantom Carriage), Dark Art Emporium owner Jeremy Schott and Chef Adam Schmalz. Suffice it to say, this is a group that has an appreciation for all things spooky and it’s apparent from the décor to the menu. In an interview with the Long Beach Post, Schott explained that the inspiration behind the eatery’s name comes from the Bible’s Book of Revelations in which the fourth horseman is the harbinger of death and destruction.

The red chandelier that hangs above the dining area
The red chandelier that hangs above the dining area

Set up in the historic Walker Building in downtown Long Beach, the pizza kitchen possesses a vintage and industrial feel that enhances the macabre atmosphere. A glowing red sign hangs in the front window enticing passersby to “Eat Beer, Drink Pizza.” At the entrance is a small arcade featuring classic games such as Mortal Combat, Street Fighter II, and a pinball machine. In the main dining area hangs a huge antique-looking chandelier that bathes the room in red light. There’s a screen set up on one wall playing horror films, and the walls are adorned with all types of dark art and taxidermy. The logo was designed by horror artist D.W. Frydendall.

The menu sounds as creepy as the décor with pizza dishes such as Slasher, Death to Piggy and Angel of Death. But the creepiness factor stops at the names because the food looks and tastes delicious! My husband and I went with The White Horse that comes with the house tomato sauce and plenty of shredded mozzarella. The pizza was cheesy, soft, savory and the perfect size to share between two people. Chef Schmalz’s creations are a fusion of flavors, plus there are vegan-friendly options, such as vegan Italian sausage and vegan parmesan. If you want the works, make it Apocalyptic. In addition to pizza, salads are also served, as well as a variety of beers and wine, which you can purchase to carry-out.

The 4th Horseman is 21 and over only, so you’ll have to leave the kiddos at home.  To learn more about the bar and restaurant, visit the official website.

If you love craft beer and classic horror, make sure to also check out Phantom Carriage in Carson, California. Its namesake comes from a 1920s Swedish horror film. The brewery is in an industrial area, making it a bit discreet and easy to miss. I’ve been to this spot and it is a hidden treasure. I ordered one of the beer flights and the selection I sampled was refreshing and flavorful. Plus, you can enjoy a cold ale while enjoying spine-chilling movies in the bar’s small movie theatre.

For all those who are local or will be traveling to the area, I hope you try these places out. If you do or have already experienced these locations, please let me know what you think. Bone-appétit!

6 thoughts on “The Apocalypse Has Come to Long Beach in the Guise of The 4th Horseman

  1. Both spark the imagination, and they hit on a few favorite themes, including good food, craft brews and the spooky. Plus, they speak to much more originality and attention to detail than simply brandishing a few Halloween decorations and declaring, “There. Now it’s a “scary” pizzeria.” Great atmospherics!

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