Mothmeister: Postmortem Fairy Tales at Lethal Amounts Gallery

Mothmeister Postmortem Fairy Tales
Photo with the artistic duo Mothmeister
Photo with the artistic duo Mothmeister

For a three-day weekend, the Belgium-based artistic duo Mothmeister brought their collection “Postmortem Fairy Tales” to Lethal Amounts Gallery. This was the pair’s first time exhibiting in Los Angeles, so it was a rare opportunity to see their work in person. The two were also part of the most recent Oddities Flea Market at the Globe Theatre.

Mothmeister's Postmortem Fairy Tales
Mothmeister’s Postmortem Fairy Tales

I first mentioned Mothmeister in my post about the most macabre Instagram pages to follow. The couple is known for featuring masked beings posed with enchanting taxidermy in their work. The effect is one of mystery and intrigue. The artists’ choice to present their creations in this way is partly a nod to how the departed were honored through photographs during the Victorian period. It is also a reaction to the selfie culture that has developed with the rise of social media. They seek to deviate from the mainstream by portraying the peculiar. The twosome are also avid taxidermy collectors and are inspired by English taxidermist Walter Potter who was known for his dioramas that depicted dead animals imitating humans.

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The series “Postmortem Fairy Tales” presents a magical world where the deceased are brought back to life. Bizarre characters hold on dearly to creatures dressed in majestic garbs. There were taxidermy pieces on display that were a wonder to view up close. Accompanying the collection were masks by Nandrysha and Candice Angelini, two artists that produce fantastic work and whose pieces are used in some of Mothmeister’s photos.

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For opening night, Zach Wager and Eric ‘Zero’ Bergen from the industrial metal group Dead Animal Assembly Plant provided a live soundscape that set an incredibly eerie mood for the evening. Footage of Mothmeister during their “Postmortem Fairy Tales” shoot was projected on one of the gallery’s walls. Plus, the artists themselves were present for the debut. It was truly an honor to meet the duo. This pair brings such riveting energy to today’s artistic landscape. They show that there is beauty in the grotesque.

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Although “Postmortem Fairy Tales” was only up for a short time, you can purchase prints and other artwork by visiting Mothmeister’s Etsy Shop. Also make sure to follow their Instagram profile to see more images and to stay up to date on future projects.

Check out the Lethal Amounts official website for information on upcoming events.

7 thoughts on “Mothmeister: Postmortem Fairy Tales at Lethal Amounts Gallery

  1. Returning to what is a ubiquitous (and perpetually appropriate, it seems) comment, fascinating find, Jennifer!.

    This artwork mesmerizes. When I finally broke the trance, I wondered whether it still was 2019, or if the century already had drawn to a close.

    Only a pair as fantastically inventive as Mothmeister can devote themselves entirely to their work, and that freedom has made their imaginations “bloom” (as it were), far beyond what most of us can contemplate.

    It speaks highly of your own creativity, Jennifer, that you recognize such talent and consequently have captivated us for how many entries now?

    Liked by 1 person

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