100 Days ‘til Halloween Guide

Halloween decorating

The 100-day mark to Halloween is a magical occasion, and that milestone is happening on July 23rd. If you haven’t started planning for spooky season, now is the time. I decided to create a special blog post to help you prepare. View it as an All Hallows Eve guide if you will.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll be sharing:

  • Where to shop for Halloween goods
  • My costume predictions
  • Halloween events & more

Let the Halloween countdown festivities begin!

Note: This blog post contains links, but I am not affiliated with the businesses mentioned nor do I make any commission if you click on a link. I’ve simply provided them for added convenience in case you’d like to find out more about the shops.

Where to Shop for Halloween

There are a few major retailers that begin displaying Halloween goods as early as July. Although I’m based in Los Angeles County, I want to highlight stores that have locations across the U.S.

At Home

I hadn’t heard of At Home until I saw YouTuber Jade The Libra mention it. I also didn’t know that there’s a store under an hour away from me and there are locations sprinkled throughout the States. As I was browsing the website, it seems similar to Bed Bath & Beyond. The Halloween section is set up on their site and there’s lots of super spooky home décor.

Bath & Body Works

Word on the block is Bath & Body Works has hinted at what’s in store for Halloween. I’ve heard this mentioned by Aurelio Voltaire, Jade the Libra and on the Life Inside The Page blog. Some products we can expect include Vampire Blood hand sanitizer, Purrfect Pumpkin hand soap and a Haunted Night three-wick candle. Currently, there’s no mention of the collection on the company’s website, but there is a fall preview available to shop. You can also read the Halloween teaser to get a better idea of what’s in store. I’ve bought hand soaps and candles from the Halloween series, and they smell sinfully delightful.

Grandin Road

This is another retailer I was not aware of until recently. The website is spotlighting the Halloween Haven collection and it’s impressive. It features more than 200 pieces, such as apothecary jars, All Hallows Eve Book boxes and haunted mansion inspired décor. I believe this is just an online store since there doesn’t appear to be any physical locations. A major downside, to me at least, is that several products are really overpriced. That being said, it’s still fun to browse through and if you have the funds, then happy shopping!

Home Depot

Who remembers the cool Halloween displays Home Depot stores had up last year? For those who revel in going all out decorating with animatronics and top-notch lighting effects, this is a great store to shop. While you may not find much in stores yet, I searched “Halloween” on the site and, voila, I was brought to the Halloween section!  Browse fog machines, ghastly inflatables, terrifying giant clowns, 8-foot dark angels and more.

Home Goods

Home Goods has a nice selection of Halloween items in stock when I’ve visited during past seasons and sometimes good bargains can be found. From what I recall, the serving ware was particularly enticing. The retailer usually puts out morbid merchandise as autumn approaches.


Truth be told, I’ve never set foot in a Kirkland’s. My nearest location is about an hour away and I may have to plan a trip once Halloween goods are available in store. To satisfy the itch now, head to the Halloween section under the “Holiday” tab on the website. A couple of my favorite items include an eight-piece black glitter bats set and a sign that reads “Creep, Drink, & Be Scary.”


Halloween décor I purchased at Micheals for my home

I got a ton of my home décor from Michaels last year. The husband and I moved into a new place in October 2020, so we went crazy in their home section! For those who are darkly inclined and spooky all year-round, the best time to find and buy interior decorations that suit this lifestyle is when retailers are in Halloween mode. Michaels always has an awesome variety, and the quality isn’t cheap. The pieces I found gave my abode a sophisticated macabre look. Stores usually start offering Halloween goods in August.

Pottery Barn

Every time I see the ominous collection at Pottery Barn, my bloody heart skips a beat. While on the pricier end, the quality is great. Since I enjoy maintaining a macabre atmosphere in my home 24/7, I feel the items are an excellent investment because I would use them all the time, not just once a year. You’ll be excited to know the Halloween Shop is now open online! My particular favorites are most of the dinnerware and entertaining pieces. Skeleton Hand Punch Bowl anyone?

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is the only retailer on this list keeping it creepy every day. While you’ll have no trouble whatsoever finding things for this haunting holiday, there are new items being introduced. The website debuted its 2021 animatronics collection titled “The Graveyard Shift.” You can check out the spine-tingling trailer online and pre-order items now.   

Williams Sonoma

This is another store that completely blows my mind with its Halloween dinnerware. Prices and styles are quite similar to Pottery Barn since the two are affiliated companies. A “Halloween” search brings up items from last year’s collection and there is a fall preview that’s live. I’m looking forward to seeing what new pieces will be introduced this year.  

Other Notable Mentions

The stores I’ve listed are all major retailers, but I don’t want to overlook small businesses that specialize in spooky, especially because many struggled during the pandemic. I’m going to name a few in the U.S. that I know but trust me when I say there are vast numbers of vendors that sell macabre wares, from jewelry to home décor. Do a search on Etsy or hop on Instagram and look for small businesses that cater to the Halloween, horror, goth and darkly inclined communities, and don’t forget to check what’s local to you.  

Which Halloween Costumes Will Be Most Popular?

Maleficent Halloween costume

Costumes are certainly a hot topic when planning for Halloween. In addition to classic choices, such as witches, vampires and monsters, characters from the current year’s popular TV shows and movies take center stage as well. I did some research and following are a few predictions of what I think will be this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.

American Horror Story Characters

The AHS spinoff American Horror Stories recently released on Hulu, and American Horror Story: Double Feature (season 10) is slated to debut later this year. Considering the hype around the series right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people bringing characters from past seasons back to life for Halloween. “Coven” was probably one of the most popular seasons of the show. It featured bad ass, powerful witches battling for domination. Here’s your chance to take on the role of the next Supreme. I loved “Hotel” because it centered on vampires. I’d die to dress up as The Countess played by Lady Gaga. And I wouldn’t be surprised if someone wanted to be really daring and go as the mysterious latex suited Rubber Man.   

The Addams Family

Morticia and Gomez Addams are popular costume choices for couples, and many spooky souls love being Wednesday for a night. The sequel to the 2019 animated film will be coming out this October, so I daresay we may be seeing replicas of the notorious kooky family frolicking on All Hallows Eve.

Cruella de Vil

Still from the movie Cruella (© Walt Disney Pictures)

Emma Stone made quite an impression as the Disney villain in Cruella. I’ll be honest, her wardrobe throughout the film was the major highlight for me. If it weren’t for the gothic styles she was donning, the movie wouldn’t have been as visually appealing. In this retelling, Cruella is involved in couture fashion and her looks are meant to kill. Personally, I’d wear those outfits any time of the year. I think there will be plenty of individuals excited to dress to the nines and recreate her devilish flair this October.

Teens from Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy

A costume inspired by Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy may seem tricky to execute, but if you’ve seen all three parts, you can definitely pull off a look. The creepy skeleton clad figure is one great option. Who else found him a bit reminiscent of the killer from the Scream movies? You can also channel 70s vibes or 90s grunge fashion, except with lots of blood splattered on your clothes, like the teenagers in the series running for their lives. Those who enjoy time period costumes may find plenty of ideas in Part Three: 1666. The show presents some fun dress up ideas for those dying to get creative. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for Shadysiders this haunt season.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers is a horror icon, so it comes as no surprise that he’s on this list, but this costume choice may be extra popular this year because Halloween Kills will be hitting theaters in October. The movie is already creating plenty of buzz and lots of slasher fans will want to pay homage by putting on the chilling white mask.

Halloween Events to Check Out

Person dressed up as Pennywise from IT

Several events were cancelled last year, but that is not the case for 2021!  From haunts to macabre cocktail soirees, there will be plenty of Halloween festivities happening. Now, while I can’t list everything taking place around the globe, I’m going to highlight some major events in varying places. However, have a look at my Odd & Macabre Events 2021 calendar for a more detailed list of things to do.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios will host Halloween Horror Nights this year in Hollywood, California; Orlando, Florida; and Japan! No word yet if the Singapore location will hold the event. I live near Los Angeles, so every year for my birthday I make it a point to attend HHN in Hollywood. I was disheartened that it was cancelled in 2020 but elated when I heard that it was returning this year on September 9th! Mazes that have been announced so far include The Haunting of Hill House inspired by the Netflix TV show, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Bride of Frankenstein Lives.

Endless Night Vampire Ball

Endless Night presents the most beguiling vampire balls, and I’ve written about past soirees I’ve attended. The event happens worldwide at different times of the year. Here, I’ll mention the two taking place specifically during the fall. The first is the Endless Night Salem Vampire Weekend occurring October 15th through October 17th. The next will be the Endless Night Festival New Orleans, which will be a grand 4-day celebration beginning October 28th and ending October 31st. I’ve enjoyed myself at the Los Angeles gatherings, so I recommend attending if you live or plan to travel to either of these destinations.

London Ghost Tours & More

For those in the U.K., there will be plenty to do in London this spooky season. You can opt to take a creepy ghost tour, visiting some of the most iconic spots in the city. Warner Bros. Studio will deck out Harry Potter sets in full Halloween splendor. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—or shall I say witch hat? Check out Visit London for more information.

Transylvania Dracula Tour

If you’re up to traveling this autumn, you might want to look into taking a Dracula tour. There are a couple that I’ve come across. Tours and Events has been hosting its Dracula Tour for more than 20 years. I first heard of the company when I was a teen, and this excursion is on my travel bucket list. It’s a week-long journey that follows the path Jonathan Harker took in Bram Stoker’s classic horror novel. There’s even a Halloween gala at Dracula’s Castle. The tour is from October 27th to November 3rd. The other is presented by Expert in Transylvania and was featured on the Travel channel. It follows a similar itinerary to the Tour and Events expedition, although dates vary.

Halloween Blogs & Vlogs to Follow

I want to conclude this feature by recommending other blogs and vlogs that keep the Halloween spirit alive year-round. The creators behind these platforms deliver awesome spooky content that you’ll appreciate reading and watching. There are numerous Halloween-related content creators that I’m not aware of, so please feel free to suggest more in the comments. I’m discovering new ones all the time. Here’s my selection listed below.

Thank you for making it to the end of the 100 Days ‘til Halloween Guide! I hope you’ve found this information helpful, and I hope it makes the spooky season all the more entertaining and macabre. If you have more recommendations to add to anything on this list, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear.

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I wish you all a delightfully horrifying Halloween season!

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10 thoughts on “100 Days ‘til Halloween Guide

  1. First comes Mabon: celebrated on September 21. It is a festival that designates the beginning of Fall, when the day and night are of equal length and light and dark are balanced.

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  2. Wonderful, Jenn! Your collection excites thrills in their many layers. One hand, it’s unfortunate the days are getting shorter, but that also means the pulse quickens for Halloween-y nights. Can’t hardly wait!

    I definitely need to check out Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. Halloween meals are in the plans for the next few years, actually, but at present they lack dinnerware that’ll make them “pop.” Maybe that’ll change soon.

    Would you believe I just finished talking to a friend of mine who bemoaned the lack of affordable “authentic” apothecary bottles available for her holiday decorating needs? She was wondering if she could buy new bottles, then design her own spooky/mysterious labels. I’m gonna send her a link to your site. Problem solved, I think!

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    1. I’m glad you found this post helpful! I hope you find some dinnerware you can add to your collection. I’ve no doubt your Halloween meals would look great in them! And thanks so much for sharing my guide with your friend. I hope she finds some fun ideas 🙂

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