Goth Night at Mirus Gallery

Goth Night at Mirus Gallery
Vamp Jenn at Goth Night
Vamp Jenn at Goth Night

Mirus Gallery in Los Angeles, in collaboration with dark artist Shane Izykowski, has a new recurring event they’ll be hosting for the darkly inclined—Goth Night. It debuted in May, and I had the opportunity to experience the July edition, which included macabre art, live entertainment, spooky vendors and, of course, DJs spinning goth music. Here’s your look inside the festivities.

  • “Catrina Christina de las Rosas" dark art by Mars Sandoval
  • Dark art by Mars Sandoval
  • Dark art by Mars Sandoval
  • Dark art by Adam McCarthy
  • Dark art by Shane Izykowski

Not only was it my first time attending Goth Night, but it was also my first visit to Mirus Gallery. The establishment has locations in San Francisco and Denver and opened its third in the City of Angels earlier this year. Attendees of the event could view the “Locals Only” exhibit currently on display, showcasing dark art by Adam McCarthy, Jade Bell, Roshi, Stephanie Inagaki and many more. There were several fantastic pieces, and a few that caught my eye were by photographer Mars Sandoval. They were stunning images inspired by El Día de los Muertos, and one was a grand, crimson work titled “Catrina Christina de las Rosas.”

Also transpiring indoors was a Night Market, including a multitude of vendors selling morbid delights like taxidermy, jewelry and occult wares. I snagged an art print by Jazmin Jude that absolutely made me smile. I love cats and have two of my own, and the print I bought was of a raven-colored feline that reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe’s tale The Black Cat. Mesmerizing visual art was projected on the walls in the Immersive Room where DJ Gheist and DJ Baron spun darkwave and other goth melodies while revelers danced.

The patio offered patrons a breath of fresh air while still keeping the mood enticingly hot. Dancer Zariyah entertained onlookers with a variety of fire performances, and HUES: the colors of sound provided electro beats. And, if all the action got anyone feeling thirsty and ravenous, a menu with libations and tasty bites was available.

Goth Night at Mirus Gallery
Goth Night at Mirus Gallery

I really enjoyed myself, and for those wanting to check it out, I recommend inviting along fellow nocturnal souls. Mirus Gallery and Shane Izykowski plan to host Goth Night monthly on select dates from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., and admission is $10. You can get information about upcoming events and ticket sales by following them on social media. Parking can be a pain in LA, but the gallery does have a parking lot. I didn’t have to pay, so as long as it’s not full, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Where to Stalk Mirus Gallery & Shane Izykowski

Mirus Gallery

The Dark Art of Shane Izykowski

8 thoughts on “Goth Night at Mirus Gallery

  1. It was a great concept, but I have the impression that the visitors looked sometimes more goth’ish (or gothic, I’m not sure what word to use) than the organizers of this event.

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  2. Pretty awesome, Jenn, and a thoroughly immersive experience.

    Not only framed artwork displayed on the walls, as art exhibits have unfolded for centuries now, but moving images, music, lighting and refreshments also building the mood. Even the transition is blurred between art meant to stay, and art available for patrons to take with them. Ensuring the frisson follows each visitor home.

    Speaking of which, A+ on your own selection. I also love cats (and night’s atmospherics), so, you know…

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