Spotlight on Eclipsed Emporium: A New Goth Fashion Boutique in Long Beach

Eclipsed Emporium (Photo credit: Dave Bats)
Inside Eclipsed Emporium (Model: Angelina Sambrotto/ Photo credit: Anabel D'Flux)
Inside Eclipsed Emporium (Model: Angelina Sambrotto/ Photo credit: Anabel D’Flux)

As a goth resident of Long Beach, California, I was thrilled when I heard about the new boutique that opened up for the darkly inclined fashionista, Eclipsed Emporium. It’s nestled in the borough of Bixby Knolls and, when it comes to this part of town, is the only one of its kind and a veritable jewel. Outside of Los Angeles, the only other goth apparel and accessory shop I knew of was Ipso Facto in Orange County. Now there’s a spot in my neck of the woods, and I’m here to share it with you.

Eclipsed Emporium offers a treasure trove of dark alternative fashion finds to suit any goth’s palate. Styles range and include 80s trad, 90s Romantic, Victorian, couture, vampiric, death rocker and gothic Lolita, to name just a few. There are pieces to cater to your every macabre whim. The boutique also carries different brands, such as Punk Rave, KillStar, Eva Lady and Restless ‘N’ Wild.

I visited this past October to treat myself to a mini shopping spree for my birthday. The problem wasn’t finding things I liked but holding myself back from going over my budget. Suffice it to say, I found many lovely pieces to add to my wardrobe. The boutique is very spacious, offering a welcoming gothic setting and a versatile array of collections to browse.

You may be wondering who’s the mastermind behind Eclipsed Emporium and that would be Tuesday Hammerl. Launching her own business has been a life-long dream of hers and one she made come true this year. She’s so warm and inviting, and it was wonderful getting to chat with her during my visit. I was curious to know more about her journey up to this point, and she was gracious enough to give Vamp Jenn’s Corner a peek inside her gothic world. In the following interview, Tuesday opens up about her involvement in the goth subculture, her background in fashion and more.

Eclipsed Emporium goth apparel boutique
Eclipsed Emporium goth apparel boutique

Q: I’m always interested in learning how people got into the goth scene. When did you discover the subculture, and what drew you to it?

A: I was 14 and in high school. I grew up in a small town in central California, and I met some local goths who adopted me. I was drawn by the freedom and intelligence and the chaos of it. I was drawn into the darkness and how they embraced it. For the first time, I felt like myself. 

Q: What motivated you to start your own business, and why Long Beach for the location? Also, what’s the story behind your shop’s name?

A: I’ve always had a huge closet, which I called the lending library. My friends would comb through it when we were getting ready for clubs and events. Many of these garments were original designs. The lending library started to look more and more like a retail store. It was a sign. I have always wanted to have my own store, and I truly miss the old Melrose Avenue scene. We moved back to LA from Seattle and all my thoughts were on starting my own business.  

Long Beach has deep roots in our scene. It is a creative city with a thriving boutique community and big energy. My location has so much to see and do for the darkly inclined, which makes it easy to make a whole day for a visit.  

My husband and I were walking around some boutiques. I remember mentioning there are a LOT of boutiques that cater to people who like the light colors. We saw a sea of taupe, greys, and quartz crystals. All of this is fine, BUT there is a darker crowd waiting to go shopping too. I candidly asked my husband what’s the opposite of radiating light? He said, “Eclipsed?” That’s how the name was born. 

Q: When I was in your shop, I believe you mentioned you’d be coming out with your own line for the boutique. Do you enjoy fashion design, and what influences your craft?

A: When I was 17, I moved away from our small town to go to design school. Sadly, it didn’t work out for me [due to] lack of support and money. I went ahead and started a 26-year career doing hair and makeup for production. Fashion design is in my blood, and I haven’t stopped designing. I am meeting new industry people each day, and I am looking forward to designing my own collection next year. My main influences are history and how fabrics move. I LOVE a garment that has fluid movement when you dance or walk.

Q: How would you describe your personal style, and what are your must-have pieces?

A: I would describe my personal style as pretty classic street gothic with some cyber goth influences. Must-have pieces: body con dresses, velvet and regular leggings, lace tunics, band t-shirts, fishnets, safety pins, and BOOTS!

Model: Phoenix Noir/ Photo credit: Anabel D’Flux

Q: Do you have any advice or tips for people shopping for dark alternative fashion wear?

A: Go with an open mind. Don’t pay attention to the size on the label. Let the clothes inspire you.

Q: Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask about your favorite bands within the goth music genre. Who do you enjoy listening to, and do you have any recommendations?

A: So many! There is a new surge of AMAZING, good goth music happening right now. Lately, I’ve been listening to The Wake and Curse Mackey. My classic list of go-to bands: Siouxsie, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox, Lycia.  So many!

Q: What does the future hold for you and Eclipsed Emporium?

A: In the immediate future, we are hoping to expand our re-loved clothing section at Eclipsed Emporium. It is such a pleasure seeing what people bring in for resell and how the stock is always and ever changing. I hope to make a good amount of the store filled with repurposed clothing. In the more distant future, definitely an ecommerce site, as well as designing a collection. I’m also considering eventually opening a second store with a different dark vibe.  

(Top image: photo and featured artwork by Dave Bats)

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5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Eclipsed Emporium: A New Goth Fashion Boutique in Long Beach

  1. Outside the central city your only option was to schlep halfway to San Diego (seemingly), then suddenly, a boutique right in your hometown? It’s Fate, Jenn.

    Then, for Tuesday’s journey to have taken her all the way from central CA to your very doorstep, more or less, and at this very moment? Once again, my friend. Fate. The gods have been busy pulling strings, eh?

    Major kudos for controlling your urge to purchase….one of everything, please. Me, I’m not sure how I would’ve fared in similar circumstances. At some point I probably would’ve asked myself if I really needed to buy groceries for the next three months.

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