Welcome to Vamp Jenn’s Crypts

Vamp Jenn's Crypts
Welcome to Vamp Jenn's Crypt
Welcome to Vamp Jenn’s Crypt

I’m introducing an all-new blog series titled Vamp Jenn’s Crypts! I’m so excited to finally launch this project. I came up with the idea more than two years ago while watching an episode of Architectural Digest featuring burlesque star Dita Von Teese. It got my wheels turning about how awesome it would be to see inside the homes of individuals who are darkly inclined. It also brought to mind the early 2000s show MTV Cribs, which, if anyone recalls, took viewers inside the dwellings of celebrities.

Well, I’m putting a macabre spin on the concept with Vamp Jenn’s Crypts. I’ll be taking you inside the homes of some of the spookiest people I know, sharing photos of their dark decor and interviewing them about their style. I thought it only fitting to begin with an exclusive look at my own crypt, so included in this feature is a video tour of my abode.

I wanted to create the feeling of watching a lifestyle TV show, but with a dark twist, of course. Although I can’t do the same for the individuals I’ll be featuring, I chose to at least give a virtual glimpse of my living quarters. I’m showing off my dark art collection, cabinet of curiosities, and other morbid furnishings and ornamentations. I had a great time filming this and getting to talk about my personal style and prized possessions. I also want to thank and give a shoutout to Rollie Robles for being my camera man and film crew.

Vamp Jenn’s Crypts will be an ongoing series on my blog, and I’ll be releasing new posts at random throughout the year as I find more spooky souls to spotlight. Now, without further ado, I welcome you to cross over the threshold and enjoy this tour of my crypt.

Vamp Jenn’s Crypts blog series

Note: In the video at 8:00 minutes, I pick up an art print and say I don’t know who the artist is. Afterwards, I realized the artist is Tim Burton. Forgive the mistake. There was so much going through my mind as I recorded this.

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18 thoughts on “Welcome to Vamp Jenn’s Crypts

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the Vamp Jenn’s Crypts blog series and watching the video tour of your crypt! Your collection of dark art and morbid furnishings are impressive. I am curious, how did you select the individuals you will be featuring in your upcoming posts? Is it based on a certain criteria or just anyone who has a spooky style?

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  2. Okay, just for the record, I wrote the April horoscopes yesterday! ROFL! (And, yes, the synchroncity I brought up in one of my recent blog posts persists!) I’m gonna love these posts…what a great idea!


      1. I cannot wait! I love home decor stuff…I love being on YoWorld and not only decorating my own spaces, but looking at the home design of others (mine typically have a horror vibe on there) and now I get to see REAL homes. I am SO excited!!!!! (Did I mention that already? Ha!) Wow!

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    1. Thank you, and I appreciate you saying! This will be the only vlog for this series. I don’t have the means to travel to other people’s homes to film, but maybe someday. However, the features will include plenty of photos 🙂


  3. Awesome, Jenn! Such a beautifully-crafted video – you definitely have major skills.

    Your rich, textured mood is amazing too, including layers of amazing artwork and memorabilia.

    However do you bring yourself to walk out the door? Were it me, I’d turn around constantly for one more look, one more chance to take in the atmosphere. Velveted electrification!

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