Dita Von Teese Presents Glamonatrix

Dita Von Teese and the Vontourage on the Glamonatrix tour
Vamp Jenn attending Glamonatrix
Vamp Jenn attending Glamonatrix

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese kicked off her Glamonatrix tour on New Year’s Eve 2022 in Los Angeles, ushering in 2023 in style. After two months of touring across the U.S. and parts of Canada, she concluded the run toward the end of February at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, CA. I witnessed the finale in all of its glory, and it was magnificent.

This was the second time Von Teese has performed at this venue and my hundredth time seeing her live. Okay, I haven’t been to that many shows, but I make it a point to attend one every time she comes to my town, and I’ve been to several. Perhaps you recall I spent last Valentine’s Day with her? The first time she headlined at the Fox Performing Arts Center was during her Copper Coupe tour. For 2023, she brought Glamonatrix stateside. She toured it all over Europe in 2022, and I was over the moon when she announced her North America dates.

Inside the Fox Performing Arts Center
Inside the Fox Performing Arts Center

The Fox Performing Arts Center dates back to 1929, and its Spanish Colonial Revival design makes it an ideal space to host a burlesque event. I’ve noticed Dita likes to select historic theatres for her performances, which makes sense given that she embodies styles from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. My party and I sat just a few rows away from the center stage, so we knew it was going to be an intimate evening. It was a sold-out show, and the place was filled with guests adorned in spectacular finery. That’s another thing I must mention. Every time I’ve gone to one of Dita’s spectacles, everyone dresses to the nines. I feel it’s a way for us onlookers to bask in the lavishness Von Teese and her fellow performers, aka the Vontourage, bring to the stage.

No photography or recording were allowed during the show, which was a blessing because it ensured we were giving our full attention to what was happening before our very eyes. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a moment of it or take it in through my puny mobile screen. Jonny McGovern, who’s joined Dita on several of her past tours, was our host yet again for the night. I adore him. He has such high energy and a naughty sense of humor. Plus, he knows how to work the crowd and bring out our boisterous energy.

Dita Von Teese opened the show with an 18th-century-inspired Baroque Cake act. It brought to mind Marie Antoinette and the controversial quote she supposedly spoke, “Let them eat cake!” Indeed, there was a large royal blue cake decorated with dazzling jewels. An arm belonging to a mysterious figure inside the cake gave Dita a glass of Champagne. She took a sip, then proceeded to strip. The number exuded utter indulgence and opulence and ended with the burlesque queen atop the dessert.

During the latter part of the first half, she also performed a circus act where she was the dominant ringleader taming her exotic tigers, played by two of her Vontourage members. Dita goes bold when it comes to her props, and for this act, they included a fancy carriage, pole and whip.  The trio was absolutely entertaining to watch. The felines leapt to and fro, while Dita disciplined and toyed with them.

At the top of the second part of the show, Von Teese performed one of my favorite numbers—the Lip Teese act. It is an entirely fetish-inspired performance featuring Dita as the ultimate dominatrix. She donned thigh-high latex boots and a long, black latex gown. She gripped a whip and was accompanied by her two subs who were under her absolute control. Every detail, from the sexy music to the giant red lipstick she straddles practically naked, is electrifying. I would watch it on repeat if I could.

The grand finale was her classic Martini Glass act, which she’s included on every tour. It began with her and the dancers dressed in black and white suits and top hats, and then…well, you know. The clothing magically disappeared. The highlight was when Dita dipped her toes and entire body into the giant glass, swirling and swooshing around to her heart’s delight. The one thing keeping her company in there was a dripping-wet plush olive, which she would squeeze all over her playfully.

The Glamonatrix show would not be complete without the other amazingly talented artists who also entertained the crowd that night. The legendary Dirty Martini, who’s renowned for the “car wash” feat she does with her nipple tassels, was featured, and I got to snap a photo with her after the event. Laszlo Major did a jaw-dropping number on a dance pole, entrancing us all. Zelia Rose, Alek Palinski and Tosca were other performers who were part of the tour. One fabulous individual who I hadn’t seen before was Ava Nix. She’s a dancer based in Los Angeles, and I had the opportunity to meet her as well. She’s so sweet and a gifted performing artist.  

I couldn’t depart without some swag, so I bought a tee with a picture of Dita’s jewel-encrusted fetish boot on the front. What an incredible event! As of now, Dita Von Teese hasn’t announced any upcoming tours, but I have a feeling she may have something up her sleeve, or shall I say garter belt, for the near future. I recommend attending one of her shows if you can. They’re always amusing, inclusive and pure fun.

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4 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese Presents Glamonatrix

  1. I first heard of Dita Von Teese back in the mid-2010s when I came across a photo of her in 2015 wearing a long elegant style evening dress with a long train standing alongside a 1950s era Cadillac.

    I used that photo of her to illustrate my character the New Orleans Vampiress Angelique Dumont.

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