Indulge in a Slice of Classic Burlesque in Los Angeles


TEASE, if you please!

Burlesque has seen a major revival across the globe due to prominent figures such as Dita Von Teese. I have an appreciation for its history and the art it is today. Right in downtown Los Angeles, professional dancer Miss Donna Hood and her troupe entertain crowds with the production “TEASE, if you please!” at the historic Globe Theatre. It’s the show to see if you’re looking for an elegant night out on the town.

The show’s creator is Miss Donna Hood who joined Dita Von Teese during her “Strip Strip Hooray!” tour. Inspired by this experience, she decided to produce a burlesque spectacle that balances tastefulness and playfulness. The ambience of “TEASE, if you please!” is designed to wrap you in a blanket of charm. The venue has been in existence for more than a century and has hosted old Hollywood stars, such as Marilyn Monroe. I was fortunate enough to score a table near the front and had a fantastic view of the performances.

A photo with burlesque performer and
A photo with burlesque performer and “TEASE, if you please!” creator Miss Donna Hood

Besides the humorous host Tito, who was responsible for getting the audience pumped and energized, there was an array of dancers, each presenting a unique number. The show unites both traditional and more contemporary forms of burlesque. The performers are diverse and are carefully picked for their expertise. It is incredible to see the wide range of talent in the burlesque scene. Dancers take the art to new levels, infusing acts with such creativity and individuality.

Burlesque performers bring creativity and sensuality to their acts
Burlesque performers bring creativity and sensuality to their acts

One dancer performed with a Hula-Hoop. She fluidly moved in and out of it and spun it around her while “All the Leaves are Brown” by The Mamas & Papas played in the background. Another presented a mermaid-themed act. There were also a couple of more fetish-inspired performances, one by a woman who hailed from the UK. Her main prop was a guitar-shaped leather couch that she seductively moved around. Miss Donna Hood also took to the stage with a routine that paid homage to classic burlesque. She donned a dazzling costume that she gradually shed as she moved about the platform. Even our host graced us with a naughty dance, giving the audience a dash of male striptease.

It was an evening filled with laughs, titillating moments and racy action. Whether you have or have not seen a burlesque show, “TEASE, if you please!” offers plenty of entertainment for the adult crowd, men and women alike. It’s a production that manages to stay classy and veers from vile. I recommend going with a group of friends or other couples. The more, the merrier!

View of the
View of the “TEASE, if you please!” stage

Now for some other pertinent information. The show occurs twice a month and you must reserve ahead of time. It is also encouraged to dress in your best to fully immerse in the atmosphere. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a ball gown or black tie and suit, just avoid tennis shoes, sports caps, ripped jeans and the like. Photography during the show is prohibited, which is why I have no images of the performers in action here, but the dancers graciously make themselves available after the show for anyone who wants to snap a picture with them.

Find out more at the “TEASE, if you please!” official website.

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