Dita Von Teese’s Valentine’s Day Burlesque Show

Dita Von Teese and Vontourage
Vamp Jenn at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles
Vamp Jenn at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles

It’s been more than two years since the last time I’ve seen Dita Von Teese perform. After her 2019 New Year’s Eve show that ushered the crowd into 2020, she and her crew had to cancel all upcoming performances due to Covid. I’m ecstatic to share that she’s back in action, and her recent Valentine’s Day event marked her return to the stage!

Now, this revue was slated to happen this past December 31st, but the date was pushed back due to world circumstances. I must say, however, I feel February 14th was the perfect occasion for a burlesque extravaganza. Dita was accompanied by her Vontourage, as well as a slew of gifted performers who showcased new and exhilarating acts. Here’s my recap of the soiree.

The Valentine’s Day festivities took place at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The historic venue first opened in 1926 and has featured big names in showbiz, such as burlesque pioneer Sally Rand, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Little Richard and several others. Dita Von Teese has also hosted her past New Year’s Eve galas here.

  • The Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles
  • The lobby at The Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles
  • Inside the lounge at The Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles
  • Wall of fame inside the lounge of The Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles

From the moment you enter the lobby to the minute you take your seat, you’re surrounded by decadence and glamour. There are white marble walls, huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and ornate décor sprawled around every corner. In the lounge, there’s a blue back-lit wall filled with portraits of stars who’ve performed at the venue. Here’s where guests can enjoy a cocktail and small bites. The bar was serving specialty drinks made with Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, a brand Dita Von Teese is currently sponsoring. That night, I was more in the mood for a glass of white wine.

My husband and I were seated in the upper balcony, which offered a fantastic overhead view of the stage. The air was abuzz with excitement. It was evident all of us attendees were thrilled to be out and dressed up to see a glamorous spectacle. Then, Dita’s voice resounded from the speakers announcing the entertainment was about to begin.

  • The Orpheum Theatre stage
  • View of the audience at The Orpheum Theatre
  • Beautiful chandeliers hanging in the auditorium of The Orpheum Theatre
  • The Orpheum Theatre stage during intermission

Jonny McGovern, who has toured with Von Teese and is the host of Hey Qween! TV, was the emcee for the evening. I absolutely adore him! His high energy and naughty sense of humor are the perfect match for a bawdy striptease affair. When he introduced Dita as the opening number, the audience went wild.

The curtains peeled back to reveal the Queen of Burlesque perched in a gilded bird cage in the center of the stage. She opened with her “Birds of Paradise” act. She donned a feathered corset, elbow-length glittering gloves, panty hose held up by an ornate garter belt and sparkling heels. Now, those who’ve seen Dita perform know she doesn’t stay clothed for long, but long enough to get the pulses racing. She teased the audience as tropical music played, shedding an article of clothing bit by bit, until she was only wearing glistening panties and pasties. At one point, she held these large, feathered fans, which she mesmerizingly fluttered around. She finished the sequence by taking a little bird bath in the cage. What a way to set the tone!

Next was Dirty Martini who is a veteran in the burlesque scene and has performed with Dita for years. Her carousel act was cheeky and playful with a dash of Mae West attitude. Her signature move is the car wash where she twirls her nipple tassels hypnotically to the song “Car Wash” by Ross Royce. I’ve seen her live in the past and the wittiness she brings to her performances makes her unforgettable.

Dita Von Teese and her Vontourage
Dita Von Teese and her Vontourage

There were also dancers who were new additions to Dita’s Vontourage. Ballerina Kylie Shea did an astounding act that incorporated a ballet barre. Her body moved fluidly and sensually and watching her was incredible. Words cannot capture the awe I was feeling as I witnessed her in action, and she was en pointe the entire time! Tosca worked her magic with the Cyr wheel, which is an acrobatic instrument that looks like a huge hula hoop. She frolicked in and out of it, her balance never faltering. Drag performer and former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Valentina also made her debut appearance. Other artists included Jett Adore who’s a Vontourage OG. He delivered his tantalizing Spanish bull number.

Let’s return to Von Teese. I’ve seen her several times, and there was a production she debuted that differed from others she’s done. It was a sultry ballroom dance performed with professional Umario Diallo. It was steamy, sexy and sensual. She concluded the event with her classic “Champagne Glass” act, which ends with her teasingly splashing about.

With Rosa Apodaca
With Rosa Apodaca

After going two years without attending a Dita Von Teese burlesque gala, this night was a blessing! As if the evening couldn’t get any better, on the way out walking through the lobby, my husband spotted Rose Apodaca. She’s a well-established journalist who worked with Dita on her book Your Beauty Mark. I first met her at the book signing held when it was released, and it was a joy to see her again.

While photography was prohibited during the show, I hope this review provided enough details about the Valentine’s Day gala to stir your imagination and curiosity. Dita Von Teese and company will be going on tour with Glamonatrix across Europe starting in March. If she’s performing near you, I encourage you to attend. She’s yet to announce dates for the U.S., but my fingers are crossed that she’ll be back in the fall.

To learn more, visit the Dita Von Teese official website.

You can also view upcoming events at The Orpheum Theatre.

12 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese’s Valentine’s Day Burlesque Show

  1. Gorgeous, Jenn, in more than one way. Ask me to imagine the perfect theatrical setting and I would’ve conjured something very much like The Orpheum. Who says the East Coast has a monopoly on history with a stylish patina?

    As for Von Teese’s original performance being delayed to 2/14, can you imagine a more profound endorsement of your own ideas for Valentine’s Day? I’d say Fate is all-in on Team Vamp Jenn on this one.

    As for the evening itself, looks like it was so much fun. Thanks for inviting us along, Jenn!

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  2. Neither coast, nor do many places in between, want for great settings. From your description and pictures, I gather Von Teese’s entertainments would’ve been spectacular in a high school cafeteria. In The Orpheum, though? Well…

    Liked by 1 person

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