Inside the Haunted Encounters Tour Aboard the Queen Mary

Vamp Jenn aboard the Queen Mary
Vamp Jenn aboard the Queen Mary

When the world practically shut down in 2020, so did the Queen Mary. The historic liner was already in need of major repairs, and even when establishments began to open their doors for business, her royal highness remained closed. I’ve kept a close eye on updates regarding the vessel, and it’s undergone not only significant renovations and maintenance but also a change in management, putting complete control back in the hands of the city of Long Beach, CA.

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Spotlight on Malia Miglino of Macabre Mondays

Photo Credit: Chelsea Curtis

Cemeteries, history, death, the paranormal and plenty of delicious wine are just some of the elements that make Macabre Mondays so alluring. Meet Malia Miglino, the woman behind this creative endeavor that highlights the dark side of centuries past. She hosts, researches, writes and produces the material for her episodes, and, let me tell you, her charisma immediately draws you in.

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Destinations Surrounded by Paranormal Activity

Foggy Forest

There are many places around the world that carry mystery, possess secrets and completely puzzle humankind. Following is just a small selection of destinations with peculiar histories that I recently learned about and find interesting. Are these areas haunted by the past or are the stories that surround them simply figments of the imagination? You’ll have to judge for yourself. Continue reading “Destinations Surrounded by Paranormal Activity”