Occult Art & Esoteric Delights at The Mystic Museum


The Mystic Museum in Burbank, California, just launched its first art show of the year in collaboration with alternative apparel shop BlackCraft Cult and it is wickedly enticing! The theme is “Occult in History and Pop Culture.” I have had a longstanding fascination with the occult, so I was quite excited about the event. I invite you all to have a look at what opening night had in store.

Occult Art
Occult Art

For centuries, the occult has mystified and even terrified humankind. It is an area of knowledge that is veiled in secrecy and goes beyond the reaches of scientific understanding. It delves into the supernatural and paranormal, and has become synonymous with names such as Aleister Crowley, Madame Helena Blavatsky and Anton LaVey. We’ve witnessed its presence in music, film and television. The “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is a perfect example. It’s no wonder that the subject would be a great source of inspiration for art.

The current exhibit at The Mystic Museum is a curation of enigmatic pieces that highlights the presence of the occult in the past, present and future. It showcases works from a wide range of talented artists that include Ave Rose and Meagan Meli, who were both featured in Copro Gallery’s “Conjoined vs. Grotesque” exhibition. Twin brothers Matthew and Ryan Murray of The Black Veil Studio and photographer Ashley Joncas, among many others, also contributed sinister creations.

The setup was magnificent and gave the impression you were there for the dark baptism. Positioned front and center of the main exhibit room was a tall and regal female figure cloaked in black, donning horns. On a long table in front of the statue was a cake with 13 blood red candles and a chalice next to it. Placed throughout the exhibit were framed explanations of the history behind some of the pieces, such as Baphomet, Egyptians and the Occult, and The Witch’s Altar. A DJ was stationed in one corner and set the mood with darkly entertaining music. Near the DJ, a sizable pentagram was painted on one part of the floor, which I couldn’t help but stand in the middle of for a picture.

One of my favorite things about The Mystic Museum’s pop-up installations are the photo ops. These are an interesting way to immerse yourself in the exhibit. There was an elegant black sofa adorned with devilish throw pillows from BlackCraft Cult and a decal above saying, “Not today Satan, but maybe tomorrow.”  Another was the Voodoo Chair from “American Horror Story: Coven.” In the adjoining room, there was a levitation scene inspired by the film “The Craft.” A board was set up that you could lie on to give the illusion you were floating above the ground.

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As with past debuts I have attended here, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Owners Kiko Bailey and Erick Wessel put on spectacular events. I think it’s fitting they kicked off the New Year with an occult-themed art show. It’s a topic that is alluring to some and offensive to others, but there is no denying that it arouses creativity and the imagination, as this exhibit clearly proves.

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Admission to “Occult in History and Pop Culture” is $10 and it will be up until April, so if you can, pay a visit. Get more information at The Mystic Museum official website.

To find out more about BlackCraft Cult, visit the official website.

And, please share your thoughts on the art work you see here or on what you think about the occult in general in the comments down below!

8 thoughts on “Occult Art & Esoteric Delights at The Mystic Museum

  1. Fascinating report, as always. The subject matter is more than a little unsettling, and it sets the mind pulsing. It lurks, waiting to mesmerize at just the wrong (right?) moment. A cold, windy night. “What was that sound?” “Did the shadows just move?” Thanks for braving your fears to supply us with a great account. Vicarious thrills abound!

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  2. Interesting you should write a post tonight that features the Baphomet.

    Because before I read your post, I had already decided to write a vampire novel chapter tonight about the Baphomet and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just got the opportunity to check this out today and it was very cool! So many beautiful art pieces, with a touch of macabre humor. Very nice write-up and photos.

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