House of Salem & Lethal Amounts Present The Texas Chainsaw Museum

House of Salem's The Texas Chainsaw Museum
The House of Salem's The Texas Chainsaw Museum at Lethal Amounts
House of Salem’s The Texas Chainsaw Museum at Lethal Amounts

It’s gone down in history as one of the most controversial films of the 20th century and set the bar for the slasher genre. Upon release, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was not only met with polarizing critical reviews but was also banned in more than six countries. From being described as “despicable” by one Los Angeles Times reporter to being said to possess “redeeming social merit” by Stephen King, there’s no doubt this horror movie elicits strong reactions from audiences, down to the present day.

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the motion picture, House of Salem, in collaboration with Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles, California, debuted The Texas Chainsaw Museum this past weekend. The pop-up features hundreds of memorabilia and artifacts from the 1974 film, including many never-before-seen items—until now.

Walls were covered with stills from the set, as well as original movie posters. Multiple screens either played bits of the movie or showcased behind-the-scenes photo captures. Display cases contained all sorts of gruesome imagery from the film, facial and limb mold castings, letters, multiple VHS copies and autographed relics.

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Two pieces were especially exciting to see in person: the original truck door decimated by Leatherface and his weapon of choice, the chainsaw! To top it off, a man dressed as the killer stalked ominously around the gallery.

“Who will survive and what will be left of them?”

For opening night, location sound recordist Ted Nicolaou and cinematographer Daniel Pearl made a special appearance and held a Q&A. Plus, awesome photo ops were set up for attendees to truly immerse in the grisly atmosphere.

House of Salem's The Texas Chainsaw Museum at Lethal Amounts
House of Salem’s The Texas Chainsaw Museum at Lethal Amounts

House of Salem owns the largest private collection of memorabilia from the iconic horror film and a chance to see these pieces in person should not be missed. The exhibit runs until December 19th and tickets are $10. Gallery hours vary so make sure to check ahead before scheduling a visit.

Learn more about the House of Salem at the official website.

Visit Lethal Amounts to purchase tickets and for news about future events.

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  1. 45 years? As with the Manson 50th this summer, it shows the visceral emotions are the most timeless.

    Still retains the intensity to unnerve, after all these decades.

    No need to buy you a calendar for Christmas, Jennifer, as yours must read “October 31” all year. What a sense of the chilling you have!

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