The Sixth Chamber Brings the Apocalypse with New Single “Blood of the Prophet”

The Sixth Chamber Blood of the Prophet
The Sixth Chamber (Photo credit: Matthew Fields)
The Sixth Chamber (Photo credit: Matthew Fields)

Are you ready to experience Armageddon with The Sixth Chamber? The metal band just dropped a new single titled “Blood of the Prophet” and it’s being dubbed “the soundtrack to the end of the world.” I’m thrilled to share a look at the official lyric video with you all! Prepare to enter an arcane realm where you’ll witness mysteries from the beyond.

Before you take in the video, allow me to give you a glimpse of what you’re about to hear and see. I was fortunate enough to watch The Sixth Chamber perform this track a few months ago during their show at the iconic Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood, California. Lead vocalist Rahne Pistor wrote the lyrics, which read like a poem without the accompaniment of music. Add the hypnotizing sound of synths, drumbeats and guitar strings, and you have all the elements to conjure up hellish visions.

The Sixth Chamber was founded by Pistor nearly 20 years ago and since then, has been unleashing musical tales of dark doom. “Blood of the Prophet” is the band’s first recording with renowned keyboardist Alan St Jon who has worked with an impressive roster of rock legends, including Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and Twisted Sister, to name just a few, and is currently a member of Billy Squier.

The group’s latest song hearkens back to an ancient world, speaking of seers and the unveiling of hidden knowledge. In the video, you’ll catch sight of a desert landscape, engulfing flames and apocalyptic images. Pistor’s vocals lend a haunting layer to the music that further transport the listener to this uncanny dimension. The track is the first in a collection of new material that the band will be releasing this year.

Without further ado, I present The Sixth Chamber’s “Blood of the Prophet.”

Read about The Sixth Chamber’s show at Rainbow Bar & Grill here.

Find The Sixth Chamber on Bandcamp and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

3 thoughts on “The Sixth Chamber Brings the Apocalypse with New Single “Blood of the Prophet”

  1. Fascinating, Jenn. Not necessarily my chosen genre or idiom, truth be told, yet…yet…I can’t look away. The total package, lyrics, images and instrumentals, drives the message forward irresistibly.

    What’s best is, when the unadorned poetry first was recited all those months ago, you knew the “full” version was coming eventually. “Always leave them wanting more” often is offered as entertainment’s central mission.

    Followed as zealously 120 years ago, for vaudeville, as Sixth Chamber does today. Mesmerizing continuation, Jenn!

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