Endless Night Los Angeles Vampire Ball 2019: Anti-Valentine’s Day

Masquerade Mask

Vampire Woman

The Endless Night Vampire Ball, presented by master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan, returned to Los Angeles for the third time. Hosted again at the historic Globe Theatre, this year’s theme was Anti-Valentine’s Day. I’ll share some details here of the festivities. Eat your hearts out fellow immortals!

I do want to mention that this year there was a strict no photo policy in place, unless you had a press pass or posted images for social media purposes only. I don’t recall this being the case last year, which is why I got many photos during the 2018 ball. So, in accordance with the code of conduct, I refrained from taking personal pictures of the action. Not to fret. I will provide a few links at the end of the article where you can view snapshots of the night.

Masquerade Mask
Endless Night events are inspired by Venetian masquerade

For those unfamiliar with the vampire ball, it welcomes a diverse crowd, from those who identify with the vampire subculture to those that simply appreciate the darkness and want to have a good time. This affair possesses elements of a Venetian masquerade and evokes elegance. Dressing to the nines is a must and fangs are strongly encouraged.
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

The venue was brimming with people and a vivacious energy permeated the air. Since the theme was Anti-Valentine’s Day, donning red was encouraged. Luckily, I have a gown that I bought years ago for a wedding and I’m glad I held onto it. Who knew I’d be wearing it to a vampire ball!

When my party and I arrived, the band The Crüxshadows was on stage. The darkwave group first emerged in the goth music scene during the 1990s and this was their first performance back in Los Angeles in 10 years. I started listening to their work in the early 2000s and quickly became a fan, so seeing them live was exciting.

The Crüxshadows (Photo from the official Facebook page)
The Crüxshadows (Photo from the official Facebook page)

DJ Shock The Monster spun music on the mainstage and drag performer Diana Dzhaketov (pronounced “jack-it-off”) was this year’s Mistress of Ceremonies. Other entertainment included burlesque-inspired performances by Lola Demure, who incorporates ballet into her numbers, and Jae Sinclair, known as The Showgirl Succubus. On the lower level was the underground goth fetish club Bat Cave, which was also part of the previous year’s event. There were also a variety of vendors selling their macabre wares.

Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night.
–William Blake, “Auguries of Innocence”

Overall, I enjoyed this soiree celebrating creatures of the night, although I wish I had images of the revelry to share with you. Maybe for 2020, I’ll try to obtain a press pass so that I can deliver a heap of photos.  But, as promised, following are links that will satiate your appetite for visuals of the evening.

For photos of my party and me, check out my Instagram page.

Also, visit the Endless Night official website where you can peruse galleries of past events and learn about upcoming vampire balls. Make sure to look at their social media channels where you can view images of the 2019 Los Angeles event.

For more information on The Crüxshadows, go to their official website.

Finally, find out what took place last year in my 2018 Endless Night Vampire Ball blog post.

Comments or questions about the gala? Feel free to drop a line down below!

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  1. Somehow, with your words alone, you managed to convey the dark theater that enveloped visitors. In a way, that makes the reaction all the more visceral and foreboding. Still, I’m off to check out last year’s photographic report…

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