Chet Zar’s “Chaos” & Dos Diablos’ “Cementerio Club” at Copro Gallery

dark art
"Disintegration" by Chet Zar
“Disintegration” by Chet Zar

The fall season just got spookier with the debut of Chet Zar’s “Chaos” and Dos Diablos’ “Cementerio Club.” This past weekend, the two creators unveiled a series of dark art pieces at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California, that touched upon themes of death, destruction, pandemonium and the supernatural.

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Walking into the main gallery space, I was greeted by spectral creatures lined along the walls gazing out. Chet Zar, who’s lauded for his monster creations, was fueled by the events that transpired during 2020 as he worked on “Chaos.” The collection personifies and gives an eerie face to the tumultuous energy that permeated throughout the year surrounding global events, from the pandemic to politics to natural disasters. The fiery glowing stares are a striking feature, peering into the distance as if witnessing a world going mad. Even the figures who don’t possess eyes have gaping crevices etched into their visages that look toward the spectator. Original gas mask sculptures crafted specifically for the show were embedded in between every painting, unifying the apocalyptic vision.

"Cementerio Club" series by Dos Diablos at Copro Gallery
“Cementerio Club” series by Dos Diablos

Jorge, known by his artistic name Dos Diablos (Two Devils), hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico. The painter debuted a group of works titled “Cementerio Club” inspired by the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, but with a sinister touch. He imagined the various entities that the deceased may encounter in the afterlife, a band of cryptic beings paving the way to the underworld. In each of the six artworks, the characters wear a grimace on their countenance, bearing jagged teeth. The series is delightfully disturbing and cleverly envisions the different facets of death.

It was incredible to see Chet Zar’s and Dos Diablos’ new artwork inhabiting the same space, and collectively they create an uncanny atmosphere. Both sets dive deep into realities that plague the world, and the illustrations give flesh and bone to the abstract concepts of chaos and death.

“Chaos” and “Cementerio Club” will be on display at Copro Gallery through October 30th and admission is free. To view and purchase art, visit the gallery’s official website.

Learn more about Chet Zar by following the links below:

Official Website



To find out more about Dos Diablos, see the link below:


4 thoughts on “Chet Zar’s “Chaos” & Dos Diablos’ “Cementerio Club” at Copro Gallery

  1. Thanks, Jenn!

    Naturally, your earlier post introduced Zar’s works, and today you open the next door down that twisty, shadowy hallway.

    Dos Diablos is an inspired addition, complimenting, and in a way continuing, what Zar’s work anticipates.

    A pitch-perfect entry today, on what is autumn’s first chilly, foreboding day. At least it is here in the Northeast. Especially now, too, just two weeks from Halloween.

    Something’s coming, I can feel it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funnily enough, Southern California had a bit of a heat wave the last couple of days. It was in the 90s! But it’s cooling down and looks like we’ll be getting colder weather too, just in time for Halloween.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the artwork! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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