Seven Sins & Loss at Copro Gallery

Seven Sins and Loss


The seven deadly sins are at the forefront of Copro Gallery’s newest exhibit. The establishment, located in Santa Monica, California, unveiled “Seven Sins: Transgressions in Art” this past weekend. The exhibit is curated by Cris Velasco, an avid collector of Dark Art and a composer renowned for his video game scores, which include “Resident Evil” and “Assassin’s Creed.” Also on display is “Loss” by self-taught artist Menton3. The collection is quite personal and inspired by the recent passing of his brother.

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The “Seven Sins” series features works by a variety of artists representing each of the biblical evils. Greed, Wrath, Pride, Sloth, Envy, Lust and Gluttony are showcased in all their blasphemous glory. It is interesting to see the different ways these transgressions are interpreted and there are many impressive pieces.

At the center of the room is a sizable double-sided painting titled “Wrath” by Christopher Ulrich. The front shows an angel standing atop the devil; on the back, the devil, accompanied by three rabid beasts, exacts revenge and holds down his heavenly opponent.

Another remarkable work is Luke Hillestad’s “Pride.” It portrays a sphinxlike creature donning a crown, surrounded by skulls. “The Inner Critic” by Vega, which embodies envy, was one of my favorites. It is a caged siren that comes with a warning sign:

“Beware the song the siren sings, enchanting as it seems. She’ll lift you up with words of praise but leave you on your knees.”

In a separate space are the works of Menton3 — an artist, musician and tattooist. Meditation and symbology are a couple of sources of inspiration for him. He has also illustrated, written and created various comics and graphic novels.

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His artworks for this exhibition are alluringly haunting, and an intense crimson background is present in several. I was especially taken with a trio of pieces on one wall that showed mysterious, enchanting women draped in black regalia.

Another arresting piece that is part of the “Loss” series is “You Take Nothing With You.” It is a touching work depicting a figure with a halo above his head looking back before continuing his journey further into the woods. Menton3 commented on this painting on an Instagram post saying, “More than any other piece I made for this show, this I see as the last piece with me trying to say goodbye to my brother that passed away this year.”

“You Take Nothing with You” by Menton3

To discover more about Menton3 and purchase his works, visit his official website.

“Seven Sins” and “Loss” will be up through June 29 and admission is free. Visit the Copro Gallery official website to learn more.

5 thoughts on “Seven Sins & Loss at Copro Gallery

  1. The images you share demand attention, holding the viewer entranced, rapt. I only can imagine how powerful they must’ve been in person, Jennifer.

    “You Take Nothing with You” is my absolute favorite of the lot, probably because of the emotions it stirs, due, I suspect, to the explanation Menton3 provided.

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