In Memoriam: A Victorian Mourning Exhibit Presented by Haunted Orange County

Victorian mourning fashion
Victorian mourning fashion

Haunted Orange County kicked off October in a very fitting way. They hosted In Memoriam: A Victorian Mourning Exhibit during the first weekend of the month. The event was held at the historic Howe-Waffle Mansion in Santa Ana, Calif., which is known to have a few spirits of its own. I am absolutely fascinated with the Victorian period and made it a focus of my studies when I was working toward my MA in English, so I had to attend this exhibition, and it did not disappoint.

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The Mystic Museum Presents 90s Slashers Immersive Experience

Scream photo op at The Mystic Museum's 90s Slashers Immersive Experience
Scream photo op

The Mystic Museum in Burbank, Calif., has unleashed an all-new immersive experience that pays bloody tribute to 90s slashers! My interest was piqued when the oddities shop announced the event, and I had the chance to attend the recent grand opening. Horror fans are in for quite a treat, and I’m giving a peek inside for those dying to find out more.

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Remembering Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

In Memoriam

It has been more than 50 years since the passing of Marilyn Monroe. Despite the brevity of her years, dying at the age of 36, the starlet left behind a major imprint on the film industry. She went through life embodying two individuals — Norma Jeane, her birth name, and Marilyn Monroe, her celebrity alter ego. Many biographers have scrutinized the actress’s life, attempting to crack the code of her identity and the circumstances behind her death.

Although Monroe did not have the chance to fully disclose her story, an exhibit at the Hollywood Museum gives the public a look into the actress’s life, both on and offset. The collection is fascinating and provides an intimate glimpse into the life of an icon. Following is a look at one of my past visits. Continue reading “Remembering Marilyn Monroe”